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Multi Game Table Reviews: Triumph Sports 7ft. 3-in-1 swivel Table

Most homes do not have sufficiently big game rooms for fitting more than one or two game tables. If you want to have a lot of fun, but you face space limitations, you can consider a combination game table. There are plenty of such multi game tables available in the market so you will definitely benefit from some help when making a choice. My reviews of the current top sellers will surely help you out. Consider my review of the Triumph Sports 7ft. 3-in-1 Swivel Table.

I will use my extensive knowledge and experience as a dedicated game player to evaluate the features and capabilities of the table thoroughly and objectively. I will present the summary of my findings in the list of pros and cons. My conclusion will certainly help you make a final decision. I will start this Triumph Sports USA 7ft. 3-in-1 swivel table review by describing this multi game table.

Triumph Sports 7ft. 3-in-1 Swivel Table

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Product Description

The Triumph 3-in-1 game table measures 84 by 44.5 by 32 inches and weighs 333 pounds. It is made from composite wood and comes with leg levelers. It has a rotating top which features an air hockey playfield on one side and a billiards playfield on the other. Air Hockey Pool Table ComboThe air hockey playfield measures 68.5 by 38.5 inches. The PVC laminate surface has hockey rink color marks. This playfield features a 100V motor with 60 Hz noise rating. 4 pushers and 2 pucks are included in the package.

The billiards playfield measures 66 by 36.25 inches. It features nylon cloth, rails with sights and plastic pockets. 2 75-inch cues, 1 set of billiard balls, 1 triangle, 2 pieces of chalk and 1 cleaning brush are included in the package.

The 3-in-1 game table comes with a table tennis top which slides onto the main one. The provided accessories for this game are 2 rackets, 2 balls, 1 net and 1 set of posts.

Features of the Triumph Sports 7ft. 3-in-1 Swivel Table

The construction of the Triumph Sports USA 84″ 3-in-1 rotating combo table is quite solid. The panels are big and thick and so are the legs. You can expect this 3-in-1 game table to be perfectly reliable. The table is made from composite wood, which is strong and durable material.

Pool Table Air Hockey ComboWhen it comes to size, the Triumph game table is pretty big, even though it cannot compare to the standard ones for games which it enables you to play. Generally, it should fit quite well into any free space measuring between 16 and 17 feet in length and 13 and 14 fee in width. The Triumph 3-in-1 game table is quite heavy so you will most certainly require assistance with its assembly.

The air hockey playfield of the Triumph Sports USA 84″ rotating combo table is smaller compared to the standard one for this game with about 20-inch difference in the length and 10-inch difference in the width. Still, the surface is perfectly smooth and fast. It looks great as well thanks to its gloss and the blue marks. The motor is not as powerful as the ones on other multi game tables, but it works perfectly well to produce great airflow. You should not expect issues such as overheating. The motor is fairly quiet as well and this is a great benefit for me personally.

The billiards playfield is smaller than what you will get with a standard 7-foot billiards table, but bigger than what most mini pool tables for home use offer. The core is solid and even for proper ball rolling. The rails are sufficiently big to provide for good bounce. The cloth is made from nylon which is not the best type of fabric for pool tables, but it gives the balls fairly smooth movement. The sights are great to have. I like the fact that the 2 cue sticks included in the package have a standard size.

The slide-on table tennis conversion top which comes with the Triumph Sports 7ft. 3-in-1 swivel table consists of 3 pieces. This presents some challenges to installation, but if you get things right the surface will be even enough for fun game play. All accessories for playing ping pong are included. They do an excellent job in addition to being durable.


The air hockey game play which the Triumph 3-in-1 game table gives you is quite fun. The puck moves smoothly and with great speed. It is easy to hit and the risk of it flying out of the playfield is extremely low.

Table Tennis Conversion TopThe billiards top is even and well leveled. The balls roll exactly as they should. The nylon cloth allows for smooth movement and even though it speeds up the balls a bit, you can expect exciting and entertaining game play. The bounce from the rails is quite speedy and this contributes to the fun. When you manage to set up the tennis table top right, you will surely enjoy the game. You just have to get used to the smaller size of the field.

The table top is fairly easy to rotate, even though some effort may be required. You have to adjust the levers which hold the top part in place precisely. In general, you can expect great stability.

Who Can Use The Triumph Sports 3-in-1 Game Table?

The Triumph Sports USA 7ft. 3-in-1 swivel table is a great choice for everyone who likes playing fun games at home, but has limited space available. It is suitable for families with kids. It can be used by passionate players who like competing against friends at home.


The good sides of the Triumph 3-in-1 game table are:

  • Functional design

You get all features for playing 3 different games and they all work perfectly.

  • Fun 3-in-1

You can play games for endless hours and never get bored.

  • Full set of accessories

You get everything which you need to start playing from day one.

  • Easy to use

You can adjust the leg levelers and rotate the top surface with ease.

  • Safe and solid performance

You should not expect to have any issues when using the table.

  • Durability

This table will continue to bring you entertainment for many years to come.


The not so good sides of the 3-in-1 table are:

  • Assembly requires time and effort – You will need helpers due to the heavy weight of the piece.

  • The three-piece table tennis top may be challenging to install evenly – You have to be very careful and do things with precision.


Overall, the Triumph Sports USA 84″ 3-in-1 rotating combo table is a fine choice for all those looking for more entertainment form a single piece of equipment. It is fun and dependable. It is fully equipped with everything which you need. You should definitely consider getting it.

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