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Foosball Table Reviews: Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

Home entertainment is not only about sitting on the couch and watching TV or playing video games. You can get quite active with table games. Undoubtedly, pool, air hockey and soccer are among the most popular options. If you plan to invest in a soccer table, you can pick from a great variety of options. I have decided to use my experience as a buyer and user of such tables to help other buyers with making the right choice by reviewing the best selling models. Consider my review of the Hathaway Playoff soccer table in black and green with length of 4 feet.

I will base my Hathaway Playoff soccer table review on thorough evaluation of the features and capabilities of this model. I will discuss who it is suitable for as well. You can readily use the list of benefits and drawbacks for comparison. Read the entire review to take the best decision in the end.

Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

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Product Description

The Hathaway Playoff soccer table measures 48 by 24 by 32 inches and weighs 51 pounds. The play surface has MDF make and thickness of 0.25 inches. It is 40.5 inches long and 23 inches wide. The sides of the play surface are covered with graphics of pictured spectators while the field is made to appear as real turf grass. The reinforced L-shaped legs are 0.5 inches thick and have full supports for the end panels. The 0.5-inch rods are made from steel and have chrome plating. They are fitted with rubber handles. The ABS molded players are set in a 3-goalie configuration. There is an automatic ball return and a manual scoring unit for each player.

Features of the Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

With its length of 4 feet, this foosball table is just right for home use. There are bigger units on sale, but they are hard to fit in most homes, especially if you do not have a separate game room which is spacious. The smaller size makes the table quite versatile and does not have an adverse impact on the quality of the entertainment. Since the unit is quite lightweight, it is easy to move around by just two people.

Hathaway Soccer Table

With its medium-density fiberboard make, the Hathaway Playoff 48-inch foosball table is not among the heaviest, but it is quite strong and perfectly solid as well. You can expect it to stay firmly in place during gameplay and to resist more serious impact. The L-shaped legs are sufficiently thick and sturdy to add to the stability of the table. They are completely dependable.

The play surface is even and smooth and this is extremely important for genuine fun. I personally love the fact that there are spectator graphics on the side because this makes the game more challenging even for experienced players like me. The use of graphics of grass for covering the MDF surface is a very clever solution, at least for me. It can really give you the feeling that you are on a soccer field.

The tubular steel rods of the Hathaway Playoff soccer table are extremely strong and durable. The chrome plating makes them not only glossier, but also much better protected from rust. This adds greatly to the durability of the entire table. The rubber handles are perfectly ergonomic. They are not perfectly solid so air passes freely around them. This is a huge advantage during gameplay when your palms can get quite sweaty. The ABS make of the players is excellent. It makes them sturdy and resistant to damage. The ball is returned automatically in case of scoring and this is super convenient. The manual scoring system may not be advanced, but it works perfectly well.


This foosball table can give you lots of fun for many hours and for years to come. The MDF play surface is very well made and completely even. It allows the ball to move smoothly. You can be certain that neither of the players will get unfair advantage. The smooth surface allows the foosball to develop great speed and this is what makes the game even more fun. The rods turn superbly. You should not expect them to become loose or get stuck. You will enjoy fantastic performance overall.

Who Can Use The Hathaway Playoff 48-inch Foosball Table

Hathaway Playoff 48-inch Foosball Table

This soccer table is a fine choice for people of all ages and homes of all sizes. Both adults and children who are tall enough to operate the rods and to see the field can play. You do not need a special game room to set up this table in your house or apartment.


The good things about the Hathaway Playoff 48-inch foosball table are:

  • Attractive design – The spectator and field graphics are beautiful and impressive.
  • Fun challenges – The spectator graphics and the colors of the players which blend with the playfield make this game much more challenging and entertaining than it appears at first.
  • Great entertainment – The smooth and even surface, the strong rods, comfortable handles and the automatic return give you the opportunity to play for hours without any kind of nuisance.
  • Portability and versatility – You can easily take the table from one place to another and set it up in practically any room of the house apart from the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Quick setup – This soccer table is easy to put together by following the instructions in the manual.
  • Perfect ease of use – You simply need to start playing. There is no need for any kind of special preparation.
  • Great durability – The table has good design and solid construction. All components are quite strong.


The not so good things about the model are:

  • The ball can fly out of the return compartment if it enters it with great force – This issue is not particularly common, however.
  • There are no levelers so you have to ensure that the surface which you place the table on is perfectly flat – This is not a serious drawback, but you have to select the spot carefully.


With its solid design and make, refined looks and excellent performance, the Hathaway Playoff soccer table is great for home entertainment. It has some minor drawbacks, but the benefits are far more. The most important thing is that you will have a lot of fun without any special maintenance. You should certainly consider getting this table.

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