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Prince DMI Sports Billiard Table Conversion Table Tennis Top


If you are already the proud owner of a billiard table, then it is very likely that the thought of purchasing a ping pong table as well did not cross your mind. This is especially true for homeowners who do not have a lot of free space left in their home. After all, a table tennis table seems to be an expenditure that will not only occupy a lot of space, but will also constitute a waste of cash. Completely false!

Nowadays, you can enjoy both pool and ping pong at the same game table, thanks to table tennis conversion top. The ping pong conversion tops are especially developed for people that do not have lots of available space in their home. In other words, the conversion top is a great addition to families who want to play more than one sport, but do not have room to accommodate the additional equipment.

Basically, with a table tennis conversion top you can gather your loved ones for a friendly (or competitive) billiard game or ping pong at any time. Simply install the top onto the snooker or portable pool table and you are ready to play. Not only does the table tennis top save space, but it is also significantly cheaper than investing in a standalone ping pong table.

Now that you understood the key advantages of a pool table ping pong top, you are probably wondering if any top will do. The simple answer is no, because there are actually very few table tennis conversion tops on the market especially designed to fit perfectly on top of any billiard table, irrespective of the size. Among the aforementioned conversion tops, you can count the one from Prince DMI Sports. Let’s summarize its main features so you can understand why the Prince DMI Sports Billiard Table Conversion Table Tennis Top is a great investment.

Prince DMI Sports Billiard Table Conversion Table Tennis Top

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Cool features of Prince DMI Sports Billiard Table Conversion Table Tennis Top

  • The DMI Sports conversion tops is designed to fit 7 or 8 foot billiard tables
  • It weights around 120 pounds, so you can be certain it is rigid enough and will not impede your table tennis playing experience
  • Its measurements are 108 inches in length, 60 inches in width and 5/8 inches in thickness
  • Even though the net and posts needed for playing ping pong are sold separately, their cost is practically insignificant
  • It is produced by one of the leading manufacturers in the indoor sports industry, namely DMI Sports
  • The pool table ping pong top is covered by one year of warranty


Not surprisingly, the Prince DMI Sports Billiard Table Conversion Table Tennis Top did not receive any complaints and the customers were overall satisfied with the purchase. What most customers appreciated about this conversion top is the fact that it comes with special pads, which help protect the portable pool table from potential scratches and act as buffer. In addition, the surface it actually sturdy (as previously mentioned it weighs 120 pounds), meaning that you can be certain to enjoy many pleasant ping pong matches against your friends and family members.


In general, homeowners who are looking for something special to put in their gaming room rarely consider getting a table tennis conversion top once they decided on the billiard table. More often than not, this is because they find the installation process tedious and complicated (at least, this is what they claim based on the reviews).

However, rest assured that you will not experience this setback with the Prince DMI Sports Billiard Table Conversion Table Tennis Top, irrespective of whether you are good at assembling/installing things in general or not. To put it simply, the installation process could not be more intuitive, meaning that you just need to setup the two-pieces alongside on the portable pool table. However, it is important to note that both pieces are rather heavy (around 60 pounds each) and hence, it is highly advisable that you call on the help of one of your friends.


I have seen a lot of people frustrated because of the table tennis conversion top, especially because they have no clue about what they are looking for. What is even worse is that some of them just buy the first thing they see and expect it to fit perfectly over their pool table. Given these facts, it is of utmost importance that you know the measurements of your billiard table before shopping for a table tennis conversion top.

Luckily, the Prince DMI Sports Billiard Table Conversion Table Tennis Top is design to fit 7 to 8 feet billiard tables, meaning the general sizes the pool tables come in these days. However, it still does not hurt to measure the pool table just to be certain.

A Few Recommendations

Some billiard tables have their pockets located slightly higher than the rails of the table, a fact that will cause the ping pong pool table to rest unevenly on it and wobble. In addition, because of the weight of the conversion top, this can also mean that the pockets will be likely to warp or become loose in time.

In order to avoid damage to the billiard table, it is advisable that you purchase dense foam that you cut to shape and place it on the pool table prior to the installation of the ping pong pool table. After arranging the foam slices in their designated area, do not forget to add a heavy duty vinyl cover onto the billiard table and only afterwards set up the conversion top.

As a side note, it is best to opt for quality dense foam (4″) if you do not want to clean the crumbs each time you remove this pool table ping pong top. In the eventuality that you notice slippage around the areas of the billiard table pockets, then you should consider using large adhesive points under the corners of the top and the respective vinyl cover corners.


If you want to bring some variety into your game room, then this Prince DMI Sports Billiard Table Conversion Table Tennis Top is exactly what you need. Affordable, yet constructed of quality materials, this table tennis top will save you a lot of cash and space, not to mention the fact that it will bring hours of fun for your entire family!

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