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Pool Table Reviews: Southport 9′ Pool Table Style: Drop Pocket


Acquiring a new pool table is the absolute best investment you can make in your entertainment room because pool is one of the all time favorite games and, above that, it has an incredible “replayability”.

Sure, you may be tempted to skip the pool table and go for a new gaming console and a high definition widescreen television. While at first glance this option may appear more affordable, keep in mind that constantly purchasing modern video games – which on a side note have less and less content and lack replayability – will take its toll on your entertainment budget.

On the other hand, quality pool tables designed by well established manufacturers in the industry like Southport (a company that needs no introduction) guarantee years and years of fun. In fact, the model we are about to discuss in this article, the Southport 9 footer, is the kind of pool table that excels in terms of sturdiness as well as wear and tear resilience. To put it simply, it can take the abuse proprietary to commercial establishment like bars, but it is just as proficient in the residential game room.

However, the durability is only one of the numerous qualities of the Southport 9 footer, which is a slightly improved and larger version of its 8′ counterpart. The 9′ Southport pool table is suitable for homeowners (and commercial settings of course) for whom space is not a major concern. Because it is bigger than the 8 feet version, playing on the Southport 9′ does require more room to maneuver the cues. Well, either that or utilizing shorter cue sticks, but we will elaborate on that in a bit. Right now, let’s learn more about the features that recommend this pool table as one of the best options in its price range.

Southport 9' Pool Table

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Cool features of Southport 9′ Pool Table

  • The Southport 9′ Pool Table is a commercial- grade quality table, but its price also recommends it for residential settings
  • The pool table comes in an elegant design and fits perfectly in contemporary domestic decors
  • The slate of the table is constructed from 3 pieces, in order to help you ascertain the optimal leveling adjustments
  • Excellent Brazilian slate bedding that has the recommend thickness, 1 inch
  • The supports underneath the frame are present on all sides to provide an optimal level of stability
  • The elevated stability of the Southport 9 footer is also conferred by the enlarged corner caps
  • The rubber cushioning of the rails is compliant with the K66 standard of the industry
  • This table includes tapered corner posts
  • In terms of adjustability, the Southport 9 footer’s pedestal legs that measure 6 inches each are outfitted with duck levelers
  • The dimension of the assembled table are 31 inches in height, 58 inches on the short side and 104 inches on the long side
  • The total weight of the assembled Southport 9′ is of 1,050 pounds
  • The table needs to be assembled by a professional before it is ready to use
  • The package does not include cues, balls, cloth or the triangle, so these items will need to be purchased separately
  • Customers can also acquire a ball-return version of the Southport 9 footer
  • Other characteristics consist of slate bed book-matching and honing to a 1/1000 inch level


Southport 9-foot Pool TableThere’s a lot to admire regarding the construction of the table and the attention to the detail of the manufacturer, but that is what you should always expect from a company like Southport. Quite possibly the best aspect of this table consists of the unmatched stability and leveling adjustability that can help you attain a playing surface that is perfectly parallel to the ground even in spite of an uneven flooring. The steadiness of the playing surface is brought to you by the enlarged corner caps as well as the pedestal supports, not to mention the elongated corner posts.

Space Requirements

In regards to the dimensions, this typical 9 footer necessitates a room with a bit more space, as mentioned in the beginning of this guide. In other words, your room’s available space (taking into account the potential furniture that could impede your cue stick’s maneuverability whenever the cue ball is hugs the edge) should be at least 14’2”x18’4”. Otherwise, your other options would be to acquire shorter cues or select a smaller version of Southport pool tables (E.G. the Southport 8 footer).

What’s Not Included?

Speaking of cues, I did mention that the balls, cloth and other equipment are not included in the price of the table. While some customers were unhappy with the manufacturer’s decision, there is also another way to look at. What this means rather than be forced to pay extra for a preset type of cue sticks, a certain suite of balls and a felt that may not match your personal playstyle or color preferences, you have the flexibility of purchasing them separately.

In other words, you can select the cue length, engravings, thickness of the ferrule (snooker cue, billiards cue, pool cue, etc.). At the same time, you can opt for a nine-ball suite, an eight ball suite, a Russian pool ball suite, etc. The same principle applies to the felt: you can decide the color and the fuzziness, which determines the speed of balls. However, it is recommended to have the felt installed by a professional for optimal results.


The Southport 9′ Pool Table is an excellent pool table with commercial grade quality that can be acquire at a virtually inexpensive price. Perhaps the explanation for the lower cost resides in the equipment customization, which is left in the hands of the customer. Finely crafted with full attention to each detail, adjustable to an impressive extent and with an elegant finish, this model is the perfect example of pool tables at their finest. Great for slightly more spacious game rooms as well as commercial settings, the Southport 9′ table can provide a lot of entertainment for your friends, family members and of course, your customers.

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