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Pool Table Reviews: Playcraft Southport 8′ Institutional Slate Pool / Billiards Table


When you have decided that it’s finally time to add a game room to your home, one of the first items on the list is the pool table. Pool/snooker/billiards tables constitute the icon of the traditional game room and, even though you will still need a darts board or perhaps a pinball machine, the pool table is always going to be the superstar in that room.

However, most homeowners reach an impasse when they have to select the right table for the job and with the myriad of options at their disposal the decision becomes incredibly difficult. There are countless aspects to consider, starting with the available space, the budget they can afford to invest, the equipment of the table, the difficulty of the installation, the durability of a certain model, the quality of the construction/materials, so on and so forth. Not to mention the fact that when you do find a pool table that performs well in all these categories, the design has no business with the room’s décor.

The selection process could be simplified by going online, but you also need to have at least a basic picture of the table you want to purchase. Don’t start with a strictly fixed budget though, the amount of cash that you want to invest is important, but not the most important. Start with dimensions, construction and appearance. Only once you have narrowed down the list based on these features you can begin to browse for the most affordable pool table.

Now, let’s take a look at a pool table model that is in accordance to the standards of most game rooms in terms of dimensions, has a design that could blend seamlessly into virtually any décor, is constructed for resilience and accuracy, not to mention comes at excellent price: the Playcraft Southport 8 footer. Even though the name of this table would initially suggest that it would fit better in an institutional environment (commercial settings, recreational facilities, etc.) a wide section of the customers have acquired it for residential purposes. The most important advantage brought by the Playcraft Southport consists in the fact that it is a commercial-grade quality model priced as the basic residential ones.

Playcraft Southport 8' Slate Pool Table

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Cool features of Playcraft Southport 8′ Institutional Slate pool / Billiards Table

  • The Playcraft Southport is a medium sized table (8 footer) which means the gameplay quality is not reduced like in the case of smaller versions but it takes up an acceptable amount of space
  • The minimal amount of space in the game room has to be 13 feet and 8 inches by 17 feet and 4 inches, anything lower than that requires utilizing shorter cues
  • Customers can also opt for a ball-return version of this drop-pocket pool table model
  • The ball return model includes an excellent mechanisms that prevents the balls from getting stuck inside
  • The slate of the Playcraft Southport is constructed from 3 components, allowing you the maximum possible leveling adjustability
  • The slate bed of the pool table has the optimal thickness for durability and accuracy, 1 inch
  • Book matching of the slate bed
  • Honing performed to a 1/1000 inch level
  • The consistent leveling and stability of the slate is guaranteed by the innovative all-side supports of the frame
  • The finish of the wooden components of the Playcraft Southport 8 footer is an excellent-looking medium-Cherry
  • Beautiful marine-blue felt complements the wood’s finish
  • Smooth felt, designed for superior ball rolling speed and precision
  • The table comes disassembled, you will need to assemble the components yourself or hire a specialized professional (latter option is highly recommended)
  • The acquisition price is a bargain, considering the quality and the features it incorporates
  • Unmatched elegance of the design, perfect for modern-looking game rooms
  • Total weight of 1,100 pounds


Based on these features, it is easy to understand why the Playcraft Southport 8 footer holds one of the top spots among the preferences of skilled pool enthusiasts. Nevertheless, amateurs can also benefit from acquiring this pool table because it enables them to learn the ropes of cue sports without the hindrance of felt, cushioning or leveling related flaws that are frequently encountered on cheaper models.

Playcraft Southport 8' Slate Billiards TableSpace required

However, like I previously noted in the feature section of this guide, you need to make sure that the room where you intend to install the Playcraft Southport meets the specifications (take potential furniture into account as well). In the eventuality that your room is way below the recommended dimensions, you could consider one of the smaller Playcraft tables.

Style and Design

In addition to the excellent gameplay features, Playcraft Southport 8′ is also a looker. You will rarely find tables that display the manufacturer’s attention for the details, especially in this price category. From the felt of the play surface to the cherry finish, the design of this billiard table is nothing short of a classical art piece: while it does not reinvent the genre, it is still amazing to look at. At the same time, it is incredibly versatile and can be incorporated in various room styles to create either consistency or contrast. After all, you don’t want to start redecorating the game room because it doesn’t match your billiard table, do you?


The Playcraft Southport 8 footer is the kind of pool/billiards table that can easily be considered an excellent selection for amateur and experienced players alike. Designed from tough, but great looking wood with a medium cherry finish, covered by a beautiful blue felt and incorporating innovative stability and leveling control supports in the internal framework, the Playcraft Southport sets new standards in the industry.

And, if you thought that you would have to empty your bank account just to get your hands on one, think again. This model is definitely within the reach of any homeowner with a medium-sized budget who wants to enrich his entertainment room with the addition of a pool table. If you are not yet convinced, then I suggest comparing the Playcraft Support with other versions within its price range and decide for yourself!

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