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Pool Table Reviews: Harvil Toscana Solid Wood Slate Pool Table with Free Accessory Kit


While some people enjoy playing pool because they are naturally good at the game and they love winning, others simply shoot pool because that gives them a good opportunity to spend more time with their friends and family, not to mention have a little fun. If you were to think about, the main reason why many decide to get a pool table has nothing to do with winning or losing; they just really enjoy the face-to-face socializing part this game brings into the picture.

Irrespective of the reasons why you want to acquire a pool table, your number one concern should be making sure that your money is well spent. In other words, without a quality table you will not be able to able to challenge your friends for a game of pool and the entire experience will be frustrating due to the unevenness or warps present on the playing surface. At the same time, if your pool table were to get damaged in just a few weeks after you bought it, then you will completely miss out on all the pleasant socializing part this game has to offer.

Even though people understand the importance of getting a quality pool table, the vast majority does not really bother to learn what this concept implies. And, the surprising reason behind this is actually the misconception that a good pool table should cost a fortune. Nothing can be further from the truth and the Toscana pool table from Harvil stands as proof that high quality does not necessarily have to entail unaffordable prices.

Available in an elegant and attractive design and incorporating a solid construction that guarantee the evenness of the playing surface and the table’s stability, the Toscana pool table is quite a masterpiece. Let’s check out the features that make this Harvil Toscana Solid Wood Slate Pool Table such a great bang for the buck.

Harvil Toscana Pool Table Reviews

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Cool Features of Harvil Toscana Solid Wood Slate Pool Table

  • As the name indicates, the Harvil Toscana Solid Wood Slate Pool Table is a sturdy pool table that weighs 790 pounds
  • The pool table’s dimensions are as following: 99 inches on the long side, 56 inches on the short side and 32 inches in height
  • The playing surface measures 88 inches in length and 44 inches in width
  • The overall construction of the table incorporates several types of carefully selected hardwood
  • The framework, cabinetry and aprons are also manufactured from solid wood
  • The quality of the Harvil Toscana is not guaranteed by the robust construction materials, but also by the three piece slate playing surface
  • Harvil Toscana Solid Wood Slate Pool TableThe slate is covered a felt cloth (and you have the option of selecting of the six different colors available for the felt cloth)
  • The tables incorporates 6 inches thick rails made out of hardwood
  • Includes mother-of-pearl sights
  • Contains drop pocket wonderfully made from fine leather
  • Top notch cushion bumpers made of quality K66 standard compliant rubber
  • The overall stability of the pool table is ensured by the 17 inches tapered solid hardwood legs
  • With this sturdy and solid pool table, customers will also receive a set of accessories that contains cues (4 cues of standard length – 57 inches), chalk, a set of balls, a brush, a wood triangle, ball racks, a tip repair kit, rubber chalk holders, etc
  • The accessory kit incorporates a pool table cover that permits you to safely add a table tennis or air hockey conversion top while being sure you will not damage pool table.


Even though the Toscana model is not as popular as the Bellagio pool table from Harvil, it is rated just as highly as the latter. Perhaps one of the reasons why the Toscana pool table does not enjoy the popularity of the Bellagio resides in the fact that very few of the details can actually be observed from the pictures. Nonetheless, the customers who purchased this table were pleasantly surprised by both its quality, which allows them to enjoy an ultimate pool playing experience, as well as the fine and stylish finishes of the solid wood construction.


In fact, one of the customers mentioned that their Toscana table is always getting complimented due to the fine, elegant finishes whenever they have guest over for a game of pool. Not to mention the fact that the classic tapered legs add a drop of elegance to your game room or the room where you choose to install it. It is also necessary to mention that the playing surface color is available in other colors besides the standard green and navy. Therefore, if you have plans of decorating your (game) room according to a favorite theme, rest assured that the pool table will fit just fine with your new décor.


Besides the functionality and solid woodwork, the customers were also impressed by the set of accessories the pool table came with. To paraphrase some of the customers, the accessory set is among the few ones you can actually say it is of high quality. In other words, you will no longer have to invest extra in purchasing quality cues or other accessories that you need in order to shoot pool.

In addition to quality, one customer also remarked that the accessories included in the package comprise one of the most complete sets of accessories you will ever receive along with a pool table. To put it simply, the kit contains everything you will ever need and more, from four cues and grade A pool balls to a tip repair kit and a pool table cover.


Affordable, carefully designed in a very attractive manner and incorporating a full set of accessories (estimated to be worth around $300), the Toscana model from Harvil is a great, solid pool table that you will be able to enjoy for the many years to come. Looking beyond the undeniable quality of the Toscana pool table, its stylish wood and leather finishes as well as the option to choose between six different colors for the playing surface cover make it a valuable piece of functional furniture to fit any décor you have in mind.

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