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Pool Table Reviews: Harvil Bellagio Solid Wood Slate Pool Table


Harvil is one of the California-based manufacturers of sports equipment that has become famous by providing high quality products at incredibly affordable prices to both residential and commercial customers. While it is true that these features are proprietary to all creations signed by Harvil, the pool table in discussion is definitely a masterpiece of design.

In fact, this table looks so exquisite and so elegant that you might deem it to cost over 10,000 dollars. However, the good news for any Victorian style enthusiast is that even though the frame and the legs of Harvil Bellagio pool table are hand carved from solid wood, its price is close to that of a mass-produced MDF model. If you think that this sounds too good to be true, wait until you find out about the equipment and accessories that are included.

But the Harvil Bellagio 8 footer is more than just a looker, as its performance in terms of shot speed, accuracy boosting and rebound uniformity can easily rival the best tables on the market. Speaking of accuracy enhancements, the table’s railings are equipped with diamond sights courtesy of Mother of Pearls (a name that needs no introduction).

In other words, behind the classical profile of the Bellagio 8 footer hides a plenitude of innovative technological achievements that will help any player master the game of billiards and get a true sense of accomplishment from every match. The Harvil Bellagio can quickly dismiss the myth stating that in order shoot pool at a professional level implies spending your life savings on a championship grade table outfitted with bells and whistles. But let’s take a closer look at what this inexpensive marvel of engineering has installed for you.

Harvil Bellagio Solid Wood Slate Pool Table

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Cool Features of Harvil Bellagio Solid Wood Slate Pool Table  with Free Accessory Kit

  • The Harvil Bellagio pool table dimensions are 99 inches on the long side, 55 inches on the short side and 32 inches in height
  • The dimensions of the playing surface comprise of 88 inches on the long side and 44 inches on the short side
  • The slate of the playing surface is formed from 3 pieces that are 1 inch thick and come with wood backing in order to confer excellent, long-term stability
  • The cabinet and the framework of the Harvil Bellagio pool table are constructed from solid wood and have been affixed with a mahogany finish
  • The railing system of the table is also made from solid wood and measures 6 inches
  • The cushioning of the upper railing is in accordance with the K66 BCA standard in the industry
  • The diamond sights that constitute the only way to calculate your rail-rebound shots are from Mother of Pearl
  • The drop pockets of the table are made from the best leather money can buy
  • Legs and cabinet are hand crafted in a classical, Victorian style that emphasizes on luxury and elegance and works incredibly well with the mahogany finish
  • In addition to the table itself, your package contains an impressive list of equipment and table maintenance/storage accessories: 4 stick cues measuring 55 inches in length, a wooden triangle, a suit of the finest balls (9-ball pool), the cue-storage rack (capacity of 6), several brushes for table cleaning, chalk and chalk container, a compete repair kit for the cue’s tip and table covers (hand stitched)
  • All these products can be acquired at an incredibly affordable price
  • The table will necessitate professional assembly


The first thing that strikes customers is the majestic profile of the Bellagio, which reminds them of the luxurious Victorian style beds and furniture. And this is exactly what the manufacturer intended for the design of this pool table: creating the appliance that would fit perfectly in a traditional, antique-style game room.


While so many new pool table models go with the futuristic, innovative design, the classical themes are often neglected. It is fairly true that creating an exquisite pool table profile based on the style of the old is quite difficult without the proper materials and talented woodworkers, but somehow Harvil has managed to achieve this goal without the obvious setback, the elevated price tag. Therefore, in terms of looks, the Harvil Bellagio 8 footer is a clear winner. As for the leather pockets – leather is always regarded as the optimal material for residential pool tables – they are just as impressive as the wood cabinetry.


Nevertheless, as mentioned in the introduction, gameplay performance is also among the highlights of this billiards table. Not only does it utilize a 3-piece slate design that accounts for maximum stability and game consistency, but the felt covering this slate enables the balls to roll quickly and smoothly along the surface. In addition to that, railings of the K66 BCA cushioning system determines accurate pool ball rebounds and optimal responsiveness.


And of course, let’s not forget that beside the pool table itself, the package contains all the supplies and equipment you will ever need to enjoy the game, but also to perform the necessary maintenance. Whether the play area needs cleaning, you need to remove dust from underneath the railings or you need to repair the broken tip of the cue, the accessory package has you covered.

At the same time, you will have no problem storing your cue sticks or protecting the table from sunlight and dust when you are not playing. To put it simply, there is virtually no way to improve on the perfection of this table, except maybe with a 3D simulation of your ball’s trajectory. But we’ll have to wait a bit for that one.


With an unbelievably intricate Victorian style design and incorporating numerous features that account for a professional-grade pool game, the Harvil Bellagio 8′ pool table constitutes one of the best tables money can buy. From the high-performance slate to the smooth felt covering it, from the outstanding railing cushions to the hand carved cabinetry, the Bellagio is flawless in every way. Count the fact that you get plenty of accessories worth hundreds of dollars for free and there is no way you could say no to the Harvil Bellagio Solid Wood Slate Pool Table!

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