Jul 12

Billiard Accessories Reviews: Trademark 40-AK13 32-Piece Billiard Accessory Kit

Trademark 40-AK13 32-Piece Billiard Accessory Kit

In order to play pool billiards at home, you will need a pool table and essential billiard accessories including cue sticks, balls and chalk, to name the main ones. It is possible to get each item separately, but it is much more affordable and much easier to purchase a kit. There are various kits available …

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May 07

Billiard Table Reviews: Minnesota Fats MFT200 Fairfax Billiard Table

Minnesota Fats MFT200 Fairfax Billiard Table

You want to enjoy top quality pool entertainment at home so you are looking for the best table available. Could the Minnesota Fats MFT200 Fairfax billiard table be the ideal choice for you? My review will help you find out. As a dedicated player, I require nothing else but the best so I have become …

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Apr 11

Why It Is Important to Buy a Pool Table of Good Quality

Why It Is Important to Buy a Pool Table of Good Quality

The selection of pool tables for home use in the market is huge. There are numerous models from all kinds of brands. It is natural for buyers to look for the most affordable product. However, in their attempt to save on gaming equipment, they often overlook the quality of the item that they are buying. …

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Mar 15

Billiard Table Reviews: Fat Cat Tucson MMXI Billiard Table

Fat Cat Billiard Table

If you love playing pool, you will benefit greatly from installing a pool table in your home. You can play whenever you want and have lots of fun with your family and friends. The question is how to choose the right piece of equipment. I personally go over the product reviews of all models which …

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Feb 17

Billiard Table Reviews: Minnesota Fats MFT-800 Covington 8-Foot Billiard Table

Minnesota Fats MFT-800 Billiard Table

A great way to stop being a couch potato and to strengthen the family bonds is to engage everyone in a game of pool in the evening in the comfort of your home. For this, you will need a solid and properly functioning pool table. There are many models you can choose from so you …

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Jan 30

How to Maintain a Pool Table in Perfect Condition

Pool Table Maintenance

Your heart is certainly full of joy when you see your perfectly leveled pool table waiting to give you the most exciting game of pool billiards ever. You can have endless hours of fun with this piece of gaming equipment even in the long term. The important thing is to keep it in good condition. …

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Jan 14

Brown Leatherette Pool Table Cover – 7 Foot

Leatherette Pool Table Cover

If you have invested a considerable amount of money in a pool billiards table or plan to do so in the near future, you should definitely get a matching table cover as well. That way, you will protect your valuable investment from all sorts of harmful environmental impacts and accidents. You will enjoy game play …

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Dec 18

How to Move a Pool Table?

How to Move a Pool Table? Dismantle

Anyone who has never had to move a pool table would ask what is so difficult about it. You get two tough guys and they take it from one place to another. The reality is that lifting a table and carrying it across is extremely difficult given the fact that most models weigh way over …

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Dec 05

Pool Table Reviews: Mini Folding Pool Table

Mini Pool Table

If you want to enjoy recreational games like pool at home, but you do not have much space, you can consider getting a mini pool table. There are various models of different sizes to select from. It is certainly not a simple task to make a choice. I know this from experience as I’m a …

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Aug 23

Some Interesting Things You Can Do With A Pool Table

Some Interesting Things You Can Do With A Pool Table - Idea #3

There is no denying that pool is an extremely popular game and many folks who to decide to acquire a pool table will enjoy playing this cue sport for a very long time. However, what these people do not know is that they can just as easily try out many other games at the pool …

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