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What Is a Multi Game Table?

If you prefer real action, which involves sharp thinking and some sweat, over the modern computer games, you most certainly consider one or more game tables for your home. You can select from various games, sizes and designs. The multi game table is one of the most popular options for those who want to enjoy great action-packed entertainment at home. I am a great fan of these pieces of equipment myself and I believe that they can be a great choice for virtually any buyer. That is why I decided to come up with this detailed guide.

In this guide, I will explain what the multi game table is and what options are available in the market. You will get a precise idea about the diversity of these tables and about their benefits. I will also provide some practical information and advice which you will find quite useful for you when shopping for such a table.

Multi Game Table


The multi game table is a game table which is designed for the playing of two or more games. Most models feature 3 to 5 games, but there are some which enable you to play as many as 14 and possibly more. Some changes have to be made in order to switch from one game to the other, but these are typically quick and effortless.

The general design of these multi game tables, also known as combination game tables, is similar to those of their traditional single-game counterparts. They have a top part which is used for playing and solid legs. These tables are typically free-standing. They are not designed to be placed over other tables. These tables have standard height of 30 to 32 inches. This makes them easy to use for people of all ages including children who are old enough to play safely.

Another thing which I want to point out is that these gaming tables are designed for home use and not for lounges, bars and other public places offering gaming entertainment. This means that they are typically more compact and have smaller playfields compared to the tables which are considered standard for the respective game. Still, you can select from combination game tables of different sizes. Some have playfields with size which is quite close to the original.

Types of Multi Game Tables

There are three main types of multi game tables. It is worth looking at them in greater detail. This will help you immensely as a buyer and as a user later on.

Attachable Top Multi Game-Table

Attachable Top Multi Game Tables – These models come with a fixed top part which is designed for the playing of a particular game, usually billiards, foosball or cards. They feature attachable table tops which are designed for the playing of other games. Each top is inserted over the original top part. Typically, the attachable tops consist of a single piece. They do not require any particular adjustment or locking. They just fit into place.

Flip Multi Game Table

Flip Multi Game Tables – These models have a single top part. It consists of two different game systems. There is one on each side. The top part uses a turning mechanism, which enables you to switch from one game to the other. Once the top part is fully turned into the desired position, it is locked securely in place with the use of latches or pins. The flip tables typically feature air hockey on one side and billiards on the other.

 Hybrid Multi Game Table

Hybrid Multi Game Tables – These tables have a flipping top part and come with one or more attachable tops. They give you the best of both worlds, so to speak. With a hybrid table, you get to play at least 3 different games. Most common of all are the 3 in 1 game tables and 4 in 1 game tables.

Featured Games

There are many different games which you can play on a multi game table. It all depends on the model which you choose. Let’s take a closer look at some of the main ones.

Air hockey is featured in almost any combination game table. It requires a motor which produces powerful airflow for the speedier movement of the puck. The tables which do not have a motor offer slide hockey. The game is the same but the puck does not fly at such a high speed.

Billiards is another commonly featured game. When it is featured, the main top is designed for it. Depending on the size of the table, you will enjoy full-size or mini playfield. Accessories are typically included.

Foosball is another super popular game. The core top or an attachable top can be designed for playing it. Given the great differences between this game and billiards, the two are virtually never featured in the same table.

Table tennis is featured in virtually all combo tables. All accessories are typically provided. This is actually a sport which allows you to get your body moving in addition to having fun.

Table football is another game which you can play on a multi game table. Your task is to get the ball through the goal post. The playfield has the same markings as a football field and this contributes greatly to the fun.

Bowling is another commonly featured game. It has a bowling lane, pins and several balls. It can really give the whole family a lot of fun.

Board games and card games can also be included. Some more comprehensive models feature backgammon, chess and checkers. There are also multi game tables which have the core top designed for playing card games like poker. These can be a great choice for adults.


There are several great benefits which the multi game table has to offer. Consider them to decide whether it is the right choice for you.

Space saving – This is the most compact game room solution that you can find. You will get multiple games in a single table which can fit even into very small space. You can keep the attachable tops in the closet. Some models have special storage space under the table top for them.

Cost-efficiency – Even the most expensive multi game table is cheaper compared to buying two, three or more single game tables. Besides, you will get all of the main accessories which you need for playing. You can save a lot of money.

Fun for everyone – Virtually everyone in the family can enjoy the combo table. It is great for kids and adults too. It is a great item to have if you like gathering friends in your house. It is an excellent choice for offices and for larger dorm rooms as well.

A Final Word

Now you have a precise idea of what a multi game table has to offer. You simply need to check out the reviews of the current top sellers to make the right choice.

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