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Pool Table Reviews: Mini Folding Pool Table

If you want to enjoy recreational games like pool at home, but you do not have much space, you can consider getting a mini pool table. There are various models of different sizes to select from. It is certainly not a simple task to make a choice. I know this from experience as I’m a passionate pool player who wants nothing but the best when it comes to equipment. I’m regularly asked to provide buying advice so I decided to review the current top sellers. Here is my review of the CHH mini folding pool table.

In this CHH pool table review, I will evaluate all of its features and its capabilities as well. I will explain who it is suitable for. I will give a summary of my findings in the list of pros and cons. You can readily use this list to compare the CHH model to other ones that you are considering. This will help you make a final decision.

Mini Pool Table

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Product Description

The CHH mini folding pool table measure 44 by 24 by 29 inches. It is made from wood and uses metal folding parts. The legs are foldable. They are folded against the top for storage. The table features synthetic green cloth and net pockets. Two billiard cue sticks, a set of mini balls, ball rack, brush and chalk are included in the package. This pool table comes fully assembled.


This fold up pool table is about half the size of a standard 7-foot table. This means that you will enjoy a pretty realistic game, even though it will not have the sheer scale of a traditional game. The height of this model is 29 inches. This is actually quite close to the standard for professional tables set by the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) which states that the height should be between 29 1/4 inches and 31 inches. Basically, the table can be comfortably used by adults with average height as well as by children.

The wood construction of the CHH table is beautiful. The item will fit into any home decor perfectly. The construction is quite solid as well. This game table is not flimsy. It is perfectly stable on any surface. You can be certain that it will have a long useful life.

The green cloth of the CHH folding table is comparable to that used in full-scale tables. Its surface allows the balls to roll perfectly. They will never get obstructed. In general, you can expect the cloth to retain its texture and properties in the long term.

The cloth is quite durable. It is highly resistant to wear and tear. You should not expect it to tear even if it is fiercely hit with the tips of the cues. The important thing is for you to maintain the cloth in good condition by cleaning it with the brush included in the set after every use. Generally, this tool is quite handy for taking good care of the table.

The pockets of this CHH model are made nylon net. They do their job excellently. They are easy to use and to maintain. They are quite durable as well. I’m personally not a huge fan of their looks, but I have to agree that practicality is more important than aesthetics.

The cues that come with this mini pool table have a corresponding size. They look and feel quite realistic. They are well designed and made. All of these things can be said about the complete set of mini balls which is included in the package. The balls are colored and numbered so you will certainly enjoy a great game. The chalk is quite useful for producing accurate shots, but it may leave marks on the balls. The rack is another highly useful accessory giving you a realistic and enjoyable experience.


The CHH folding table is great for playing pool billiards. It will give you super fun games which are perfectly comparable to the ones played on full-size tables. The shots are the same and the balls roll perfectly. It is easy to get a ball out of any of the six pockets and put it back onto the table.

The folding capability of the model is quite good as well. It does not take any effort or much time to fold the legs against the top part. When folded, the item becomes quite compact. It can be placed in any closet or under a bed. The item is quite light as well. This makes it easy to move around and to store as well.

Who Can Use It

The CHH fold up pool table is suitable for any person who wants to enjoy pool billiards at home but does not have the room and/or the funds to go for a full-size model. It is perfect for children to play on, but it can be quite a lot of fun for adults as well. Given its size, it can be used by adults without any discomfort or issues.


The good sides of the CHH mini pool table are:

  • Perfectly realistic – The game play does not differ from the full-scale one.
  • Ready for game play – It comes assembled so you do not have to worry about using your DIY assembly skills.
  • You get all you need – You will get all the equipment for playing in a single package. This saves you money and hassle.
  • Easy to use and to maintain – It is easy to take the balls out of the pockets and to clean the cloth.
  • Easy to store – You simply need to fold it and it will be ready for storage. You get a lot of storage options.
  • Solid and durable – You will enjoy playing pool billiards in the long term.


The not so good sides of the product are:

  • The chalk may leave blue marks on the balls – You need to use a proper cleaner for removing these after every game.
  • You need to cover the table when stored to protect it – This is not really an issue, but you have to get a proper cover.


My verdict is that the CHH mini folding pool table is an excellent product worth buying. It is solid, reliable and fully ready for use. It will give you lots of fun and exciting games for years to come.

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