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Martin Kilpatrick 3/4-Inch Table Tennis Conversion Top


Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to have my own pool table and this was my first purchase when I finally moved into my own home. Even though I never regretted the investment, things changed when the kids grew older and wanted to play as well. Long story short, they got bored with pool rather soon and asked me if you could get them a ping-pong table as well. Since our home is rather small and we do not have too much free space, the best thing I could do is look for the only viable alternative: a table tennis conversion top for my pool table.

Now, if you decide to purchase a table tennis conversion top, then there are a few things to account for. For starters, the top needs to have an ideal thickness to ensure a pleasant gameplay experience (usually ¾ inches). Secondly, since you do not want to damage the pool table, the top must incorporate bottom fitted foam padding. Thirdly, even though it does not cost as much as a ping-pong table, this does not mean it should not be manufactured from solid, high quality materials.

Since I understand the importance of playing on a thick and sturdy surface, I must admit I only researched conversion tops with ¾ inch thickness and this is how I came across this Martin Kilpatrick model. It is important to mention that the fact that there is more to the top than the ideal breadth, as you are about to find out.

Martin Kilpatrick  Table Tennis Conversion Top

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Features of Martin Kilpatrick 3/4-Inch Table Tennis Conversion Top

  • Sturdy conversion top especially designed for oversized pool tables (5 foot wide and above)
  • It incorporates surface connectors, so you can be sure the two halves of the top are securely attached on the table
  • The conversion top kit contains a quality net which can be easily mounted and taken down
  • The overall stability of the top also comes from the 1.5 inch metal rails
  • It is significantly lighter than other table tennis conversion tops, as it weighs around 90 pounds
  • This German quality top has a playing surface of ¾ inches (19 millimeters)
  • The top measures 60 inches x 55 inches x 5 inches (L x w x h)


The Martin Kilpatrick conversion top enjoys a great reputation among customers and, if you were to do a query on Google yourself, you will soon realize that there are not very few negative comments regarding it. The exception consists of the professional table tennis players (or those who really enjoy playing ping pong) who need to practice their shots on tables that meet the official standards. Another type of negative comments about this conversion top are typically linked to shipping; basically this has nothing to do with the conversion top itself and it all depends on the retailer you want to do business with.


As the name of the product suggests, the conversion top is to be mounted on top of the pool table. So basically, since the top will utilize the frame and the body of your pool table, all you need to do is place it and lock the top with the mounting brackets. In order to lock it in place and ensure it will not slip or move while playing ping pong you will need a wrench and a screwdriver. On a side note, as mentioned in the previous section, the net of the ping pong playing surface can be installed very easily which is quite a bonus if you were to consider how tricky it is with most ping pong tables).


More often than not, pool amateurs or casual players do not know the differences between a pool table and a snooker table. This is why they tend to become very disappointed with the conversion top, as once they get to install it, they realize the top is simply too small to fit the table. And, even in the cases when it does fit – despite the overall size discrepancy – the conversion top looks peculiar and feels even more strange when you start playing ping pong.

Let’s get one thing straight: the conversion tops are usually made to fit pool tables and purchasing one that is designed to fit oversized tables (like this Martin Kilpatrick model here) when you only have a snooker table is not advisable. The main differences between snooker and pool tables provide the explanation for this: unlike the pool table, the snooker one is longer (by approximately 2 feet) and about 4 inches higher. As a snooker table owner, if you really want to play ping pong then a better choice would be a foldable table tennis table.

Playing surface

If you are accustomed to playing ping pong on a table tennis table, then you will find the conversion top experience a bit strange. For instance, since you are installing it onto the pool table that means that the height is going to be higher than the one of standard regulation tables. In my opinion, this is just a small drawback I can live with.

However, there is one thing that can be bothersome even if you are an amateur table tennis player, namely the bouncing of the ball. To put it simply, if the playing surface is not of high quality, then playing table tennis will just become a frustrating experience. Luckily, this is not the case with this Martin Kilpatrick conversion top.


The Martin Kilpatrick table tennis conversion top is a great investment that you can be certain to enjoy for the many years to come. However, you have to make sure you are purchasing it from a reliable retailer and that you have a pool table with the correct dimensions to place it on. The installation is straightforward and does not take a lot of time, so if you are excited about playing ping-pong, rest assured that you can get some quality action right away!

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  1. Mark Sands

    I own a Martin Kilpatrick 3/4″ table tennis conversion top for my pool table. I no longer own my pool table and wish to purchase a leg system for the conversion top. Does Martin Kilpatrick offer any kind of leg system that I could personally purchase and install on my table top model?

    1. admin

      Hi Mark,
      Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, I have no idea whether Martin Kilpatrick offers any kind of leg system, maybe you could check with where you bought your conversion top from.


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