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Martin Kilpatrick 3/4-Inch Pool Table Conversion Top with 2-Player Set


So, you and your family have finally decided that it is time you transform that dull, boring room at the end of the hallway into a fun, interesting game room? You got the decorations, painted the wall, purchased the comfortable seating placed the refreshment bar and it is time for the toughest decision of them all: you have to choose between a pool table and a ping pool table.

In this kind of situations, regardless of how many arguments are brought in favor or one or the other, you have to admit that it is almost impossible to make a decision that everyone will make everybody happy. But wait! The solution to your dilemma is right there in front of you and it is dubbed a ping pong table conversion top. No matter how you look at it, the Martin Kilpatrick 3/4-Inch Pool Table Conversion Top with 2-Player Set is just what the doctor ordered for both homeowners who are decorating their first game room as well as for those who feel that their game room needs a to include a new gimmick that can make it the center of attention once again.

If you are an informed online shopper then you are most likely reluctant to this simple solution, since after all, in pool table as well as in ping-pong you get what you paid for. For once, this rule does not apply. This pool table conversion top price is significantly lower than the one of a standard quality ping pong table.

At the same time, you should know that not all pool table conversion top are created equal. While the very cheap ones (to be read under $100 typically found in supermarkets) will not last you more than several games, the quality one can be used for the many years to come and they will not damage the billiard table whatsoever. This ping pong conversion top reviewed in this article fits in the latter category, so let’s find out more about this excellent gadget, starting with its main features.

Martin Kilpatrick Pool Table Conversion Top

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Cool Features

  • This pool table top is made of wood, a material which many pool and table tennis enthusiast view as a mark of quality
  • Martin Kilpatrick Ping Pong Table Conversion TopThe quality of this German pool table conversion top is also guaranteed by the fact that it does not require assembly
  • Comes with 1 1/2 inch metal rail for extra support
  • The extra support and rigidity of this pool table conversion top is also ensured by the dove-tail style brackets
  • It is available in green and blue color, so you choose the tone that best suits your game room decorations and that does not strain your eyes
  • This ping pong conversion top comes with a 2 player set kit containing the ping pong net, posts, two paddles and table tennis balls
  • This pool table top is sturdy, considering that it weighs approximately 130 pounds
  • The pool table top measurements are: 60 inches in length, 54 inches in width and 4 1/8 inches height
  • It comes with three years for its warranty


In case you are unfamiliar with this ping pong top for pool table, then here is a piece of information to help you out: on the North American continent, the Martin Kilpatrick products are distributed by Butterfly, a leading brand in the table tennis tables and conversion tops industry that needs to further presentation. With over 50 years experience in designing quality ping pong equipment and stanch customer support, it is no wonder that this conversion top – along with any other products manufactured under the brand – have received a consistent maximum rating over the years and one of the best pool tables.


However, there is one negative remark regarding this pool table ping pong top: it is rather heavy and hence, rather impractical for families who like to go back and forth from shooting pool to playing ping pong. A couple of older customers have even pointed out that, even though the quality of the pool table conversion top is undeniable, it is best suited for those who don’t like to switch games too often.

In addition, some clients pointed out that the installation of this pool table conversion top should never be left on the hands of children or people who do not possess the necessary physical force. The reason for this comprises of the fact that it is simply too heavy for them to handle and consequentially, damaging the pool table, the conversion top, hurting themselves or all of the aforementioned risks is highly probable. The bottom line is that the installation should be done by at least two individuals who have enough strength and endurance.

Resistance and Durability

Despite the fact that many homeowners are aware of the many benefits provided by a ping pong conversion top, the truth is that they are also very concerned with how it will affect the pool table. Without denying this legitimate concern considering that billiard tables are not exactly cheap, it is important to note that most manufacturers these days include dense foam parts or felt spacers that you can easily attach to the bottom of the conversion top so that the pool table that acts as support is protected from scratches.

Targeted Group of Buyers

As with many other ping pong conversion tops, this item is especially created for people who want to have fun and play table tennis at non-professional levels. For the amateur ping pong players the height of the table is not bothersome and most of them will not even notice it. On the other hand, for professional players the height difference is noticeable and it can even modify their gameplay.


The Martin Kilpatrick 3/4-Inch Pool Table Conversion Top with 2-Player Set is a very nice addition to any home, regardless of whether you have a game room or not. While it incorporates all the advantages of conversion tops in terms of saving space and time, this particular top has an extra benefit: it is made from high quality materials and hence, you will be able play table tennis on it for many years to come.

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