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Pool Table Reviews: Marquette 4’x8′ Ltd. Edition Brunswick Pool Table


The rich history of the Brunswick name began with an Ohio carriage builder’s passion for woodworking. While he was consistently working to enhance his reputation as a carriage builder, little did Brunswick know back then that his life was going to take a different turn and that his name would become the trademark of the best pool table manufacturing company in the world. The ambition, dedication and passion are still the basic principles that guide Brunswick’s practices today, in spite of the fact that the world has changed significantly since the times of the founder.

If you want to bring back a slice of that romantic era into your home, then Brunswick has a surprise for you: the Marquette limited edition collection. These amazing Brunswick pool tables are breathtaking replica of one of the very first models produced a few years before the first gunfire announced the beginning of World War I. Even though it is a reproduction of the very first models designed, the limited edition Marquette is a masterpiece especially designed to celebrate 160 years since the Brunswick Company was founded.

However, since it is particularly created as an anniversary table, the Marquette edition 8 foot pool table is limited and only a few people – perhaps those who are truly passionate about the game of pool and its history – will have the pleasure to enjoy the ultimate pool playing experience on one of these pieces. Let’s summarize the amazing features this antique pool table replica comes with.

Marquette 8ft Brunswick Pool Table

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Cool features of Marquette 4’x8′ Ltd. Edition Brunswick Pool Table

  • This exquisite Marquette 8′ pool table is made of a beautifully finished Circassia Walnut wood
  • The wood is inlaid with an amazing egg shell gloss (obtained from a combination of black holly and pearl)
  • The gloss is hand-rubbed on
  • You will have an easy job at dusting and cleaning the wood
  • The framework of the table is a combination between various kinds of woods, which are double cross veneered on the outside (the most visible layer of wood is the Circassia Walnut)
  • The veneer stretching is quite solid, as it is 1 ¼ inches thick and 9 inches wide
  • The framework is a sturdy composite construction combining several iron reinforcing blocks, held in place by heavy bolt
  • The head blocks and sides are built directly into the legs of the table
  • Don’t let the fact that the joints are glued together fool you, as they are also tongued, grooved and firmly fastened together by screws
  • The corners as well as the edges of this magnificent 8ft pool table are very smooth
  • The cushion rails are extremely resilient (4 inches x 2 inches thick)
  • Similar to the framework, the rails are built from various types of wood and double cross veneered
  • Ivory diamond sights and an inlaid metal name plate
  • The Blind Cushion Rails ensure the secure locking of the places where the pieces of wood of various thickness meet
  • The rigidity and stability of the table is also guaranteed by the 8 bolts found on each side, the 4 bolts located at each end of the table
  • The slate is of superior quality, Vermont slate (3 pieces) to be more precise
  • The slate is arranged in such a manner as to not influence the game play in any way (while it incorporates brass dowels and sockets, none of the holes face the playing surface)
  • The slate is reinforced with a wood frame, contains hardwood trimmings for the areas of the pockets and it is available in either 1 inch or 1 ½ inches thickness
  • The standard cushions specific for the Marquette limited addition are of top notch quality, the perfect angle Monarch (unless you prefer something else)
  • The cushions are made by Brunswick after a secret formula patented by the company
  • According to the manufacturer, the secret-formulated cushions are a guarantee of the accuracy of the angle, speed and durability
  • The pockets come in a No. 5 style and are made out of iron and leather
  • The pockets are connected to the cushion rails via brass sockets
  • The black leather covers of the pockets are reinforced at the point of contact, so you can enjoy their elegant look for an extended period of time
  • This Brunswick limited edition 8ft pool table benefits from a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer (nonetheless, you should read the terms and conditions specified in the contract)
  • Each table comes with its own number, skillfully and gracefully engraved on a brass plate, as a certificate of authenticity which will be used to register your table


As you probably figured it out by now, this Marquette limited edition Brunswick pool table is a top notch quality pool table that addresses those who are truly passionate about the game. And, the reason for this is best explained by the manufacturer himself: Brunswick is a brand renowned and recognized for its pool tables all over the world because throughout their rich history they have dedicated a lot of effort and spared no expenses to ensure the ultimate playing experience for all those the truly fervent pool players.


Combining a highly elegant double cross veneer wood stretching and perfect functionality, the Marquette edition is the crown jewel of their collection. This limited edition was in fact designed and manufactured as a tribute to the Pfister style, a fashion which is not only well known in the pool table manufacturing industry, but that is also very well represented in high class billiard and pool salons across the United States.


Incorporating stylish and top of the line materials, the Marquette edition is an extremely elegant pool table with the best functionality you can find. And, the dedication of a manufacturer in producing high quality pool tables for those who are truly passionate about the game could not have been better illustrated than with the aid of this masterpiece. The Marquette limited edition 8 ft pool table from Brunswick can be best described as a pool table designed for kings!

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