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Pool Table Reviews: Hathaway SharpShooter Pool Table Blue 40 inch

You are a great fan of pool, but for some reason you cannot get a full-size table to use at home. In this case, you can try a mini variant. You simply need to pick a mini table which will give you genuine experience while being durable and easy to set up and to use. Does the Hathaway SharpShooter Pool Table Blue 40-inch meet these and other important requirements? My review will help you find out.

In this Hathaway Sharp Shooter pool table review, I will make an assessment of all features and capabilities of the small pool table. You can rely on my objectivity and on my experience and expertise as a long-term pool player. I will answer the most important question which buyers have and namely who this tabletop pool table is suitable for. I will create a list of the pros and cons of the table so that you can compare it with others. Now I will present the product in detail to you.

 Hathaway sharpshooter pool table blue 40 inch

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Product Description

Hathaway Sharp Shooter is a tabletop pool table. It has short L-shaped legs with pads. It is set up on a table and in rare cases on the floor. It weighs 24 pounds. The table’s play surface measures 37 by 18 inches. It is covered with blue felt. The table has an MDF bed which is 1.25 inches thick and which is CARB certified. There is a set of accessories included in the package. These accessories are 2 36-inch cue sticks, a complete set of 1.25-inch billiard balls, a triangle, 2 pieces of chalk and a cleaning brush.

Features of Hathaway SharpShooter Pool Table Blue 40-inch

Hathaway SharpShooter Pool Table L-Shaped LegThe Hathaway SharpShooter pool table has solid make and durable construction. You should not expect it to incur any serious damage such as cracks or panel detachment. The L-shaped legs are perfectly strong as well. They give the table maximum stability when it is placed on a hard surface thanks to their shape and weight. The pads are excellently designed. They allow for perfect stability and prevent marring.

This small pool table is not super light, but it is not heavy either with its 24 pounds of weight. Two adults can move it with ease. It has good portability overall. You just have to ensure that you will place it at a sufficient height above the ground to make it comfortable for playing. The optimal height is approximately 30 inches.

The play surface of the Hathaway Sharp Shooter pool table is not the largest which you can find with a tabletop pool table, but it is quite close. It is perfectly sufficient for fun and competitive game play. When it comes to the bed, I have to say that it has very good thickness. It is true that as a material MDF is not as amazing as slate. It does not have the same kind of response and may warp a bit as the years pass, but these things are hard to notice unless you are a pro. MDF is actually a perfect low-cost alternative to slate. It really gives you the best value for money and you will enjoy playing pool fully thanks to it.

The felt is made from high-quality fabric which is perfectly suitable for pool billiards. You can expect the balls to roll perfectly on it. It is easy to clean and this is something which I personally appreciate a lot. The cushions are well designed and enable the balls to bounce at a high speed.

The 2 36-inch cues which come with the Hathaway sharp shooter 40 in. table top pool table are great for playing pool. Their length matches the size of the table perfectly. They have optimal weight. They are quite strong as well. The 1.25-inch balls correspond to the size of the table as well. They are well designed and made. You can expect them to move perfectly swiftly. The brush is sufficiently big to allow for easy cleaning.

Hathaway Sharp Shooter 40 in. Table Top Pool Table


This portable pool table allows for excellent game play. The play surface is sufficiently large. The balls move as they are supposed to. There are no slowdowns or unexpected challenges. The table is excellently leveled and this always brings maximum satisfaction during game play. You can expect solid performance for years to come.

The table is quite portable as well. It can be easily moved from one place to another. It is fairly compact so it should be easy to store as well. You can place it under a bed or in a closet.

Who Can Use the Hathaway Pool Table?

This portable mini pool table is suitable for all people who do not have sufficient room for a piece of equipment with a standard size in their home. You can readily get it if you have tabletop which you can place it on so that the height matches the standard requirements. This pool table is a popular choice for families with children. It size and accessories match the height and strength of youngsters perfectly.

Pros of the Hathaway Sharp Shooter Pool Table

The good things about the Hathaway Sharp Shooter pool table are:

  • Great design – The table top pool table has all the features which you require for having fun while playing pool. It looks great as well.
  • Fully equipped for use – You will get all the accessories which you need to start playing right away. It is super practical for them to be included in the package. It is cost-efficient as well.
  • Entertaining and competitive play – This small pool table will really give you that satisfaction which you are looking for no matter whether you are a casual or competitive player.
  • Good portability – Two adults and even two teens can move the portable pool table with ease.
  • Durability – You can expect to use this piece of pool equipment for years to come. It should not incur any serious damage.
  • 90-day limited warranty – This is not the longest or most comprehensive guarantee, but it is still quite good.


The not so good things about this mini table are:

  • Leg assembly is required – This is not really a drawback, but it can be challenging for people who are not handy like me. Still, you get a full set of instructions and the necessary tools.
  • The triangle does not have very good design – You will not get perfectly tight rack. Still, this is not a major issue for casual players.


The verdict of this review is that the Hathaway SharpShooter pool table, blue, 40-inch is a very good choice for any casual player and his/her family. You will get strong construction and all necessary accessories. You can expect superb performance even in the long term. You should definitely consider buying this pool table.

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