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Pockey Table Reviews: Fat Cat 7-Foot Black Pockey Combination Table


Because they present several advantages from having a good “excuse” to spend more quality time with your loved ones to relieving some of the work stress accumulated throughout the day, entertainment rooms are in high demand.

Even though most homeowners perceive entertainment rooms as the room especially designed for the home theater system, it is important to note that it involves far more than that. Just because you are all sitting together and watching a couple of movies or playing on a game console, that does not even begin to compare to the face-to-face family fun.

On one hand, you could acquire that billiard table that you have always dreamed of, since I’m sure the idea of spending your late afternoons playing pool with your buddies while having a cool beer sounds refreshing to you. However, the problem here is that not all members of the family will be pleased with your decision, especially if you have smaller children. In order to make them happy, you would need something interactive, fun and competitive, like an air hockey table for instance.

The good news is that there is a solution out there that has the potential to make everybody happy: a pockey table. Since very few people are familiar with pockey tables, here is a short description: it is essentially built as a flip table that allows you to play air hockey and billiards on the same basic framework. The pockey table is definitely a win-win answer to what seems like a tedious situation.

Considering the fact that the pockey table will be flipped back and forth quite frequently, it is important to note that the first one you lay your eyes on in the supermarket will just not suffice. What you actually need is a sturdy table that will not ruin your air hockey or billiard playing experience. Among the pockey tables that meet these prerequisites, the Fat Cat combination table is an excellent investment with a great price to quality ratio. Let’s find out more about its features and capabilities.

Fat Cat Pockey Combination Table

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Cool features of Fat Cat 7-Foot Black Pockey Combination Table

  • As the name suggests, it permits you to play air hockey and billiards at the same table
  • The table’s measurements are as follows: 80 inches in length, 44 inches in width and is 32 inches high
  • A big plus for the Fat Cat combination table is the fact that it includes leg levelers, which permit you to adjust the height according to the game and the physical characteristics of the playersFat Cat Billiard Table
  • The table is quite sturdy because it benefits from an exclusive latch system that guarantees no tipping or wiggles
  • It weighs around 271 pounds
  • The playing surface for billiards is of 70 inches on the long side and 34 inches on the short side
  • The pockey table comes with a full set of accessories for billiards that includes rubber bumpers, drop pockets, hooks for cue storage and a piece of Tetolon cloth
  • The playing surface for air hockey is slightly bigger, measuring 74 inches long and 38 inches wide
  • The air hockey playing surface is designed to replicate this sport’s rink (identical match of the colors, lines and overall design)
  • The air hockey side of the table benefits from a high output blower so that the puck is kept in motion
  • The accessories this pockey combination table comes with include: 2 pieces of chalk, a billiard brush, 2 billiard cues (in the standard 57 inches size), a plastic triangle and one set of billiard balls (2/14 inches), 4 pucks and 4 pushers and a storage rack where you can place them all on it

Reputation and Ratings

Fat Cat Air Hockey TableThe Fat Cat 2 games combination table is a highly appreciated product among homeowners and it currently enjoys a rating of four out of five stars on most specialized websites. Maybe one of the reasons why this pockey table did not receive a maximum rating resides in the fact that customers claim scoring in air hockey is slightly difficult compared to other tables found at the local arcade room. Even though this is not a general concern, it is necessary to mention that an easy scoring system would make an initially fun game become boring rather fast!

Minor Cons

Another minor issue reported about the Fat Cat pockey table is linked to the leveling system. A few customers claim that each time they flip the table to play air hockey, then flip it back to play billiard, they notice that the level is a bit off (mostly noticeable at billiards). However, the same customers pointed out that this issue can be easily addressed, by adjusting the level. Overall, the only inconvenience associated with it is that you will have to make your children or friends wait for you to level the table.

Table Placement

At first sight, the weight of the table seems intimidating and you, like many other customers, are probably concerned that you will not be able to budge it if you decide relocate it to another room. If you have back problems and the physician’s recommendation to avoid lifting heavy things, then it is for the best to ask your friends for help with this one. Other than that, you will not have too much trouble moving the table around: one of the customers (a woman) managed to move the table only with the aid of her teenage son.


The Fat Cat pockey table is perhaps the greatest focal point to add in any game room. Providing hours of fun with your loved one as well as a haven for yourself where you can unwind and forget about the daily problems for a while, this amazing combination table is among the few purchases you will enjoy for many years to come. And, since it comes with complete sets of accessories for both air hockey and billiard, all you have to do is set up the table and you can start playing right away. All in all, a great bang for the buck!

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