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Multi Game Table Reviews: Fat Cat Phoenix 7-Foot 3-in-1 Billiard, Slide Hockey, and Table Tennis Table

If you do not have room for a number of different game tables in your home, you can consider investing in a multi-game table. There are now plenty of such models for you to select from. I have extensive experience with the purchase of such table so I am often asked for advice. This is how I decided to evaluate the most popular models at present and to share the reviews with everyone. Consider my review of the Fat Cat Phoenix 7-foot 3-in-1 billiard, slide hockey, and table tennis table.

In my Fat Cat Phoenix 7-foot 3-in-1 game table review, I will go over the features and capabilities of the model and evaluate them in detail. I will explain who it is suitable for as well. You can use the list of pros and cons to compare this model other multi-game tables. After reading my verdict, you will be ready to make the right decision.

Fat Cat Phoenix 7-Foot 3-in-1 Billiard, Slide Hockey, and Table Tennis Table

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Product Description

The Fat Cat Phoenix 7-foot 3-in-1 game table measures 84 by 46 by 31.2 inches. It has panel style legs and comes with leg levelers. It has a fixed top designed for playing pool billiards and two separate attachable tops. One of the tops is for slide hockey and the other one for table tennis. The multi-game table comes with a set of gaming accessories and namely 2 57-inch cues, billiard balls, triangle, chalk, 2 slide hockey pushers and 2 pucks, 2 table tennis rackets, 2 balls, a net and a set of posts.

Features of the Fat Cat Phoenix 3-in-1 Game Table

I’ll start by discussing the general features of the Fat Cat Phoenix 7-foot 3-in-1 game table. The design is functional and solid. It allows for stability and durability. The panel legs, in particular, are quite strong. The levelers work excellently and are easy to use. The table is made from composite wood, which is inexpensive, but very sturdy and durable material.

When it comes to the gaming features of the table, I have to say that it has a full size billiards playfield. As a 7-foot table, its playfield measures approximately 78 by 39 inches. This is the feature which I like the most. You rarely get a full-sized playfield with multi-game tables, but this one really gives pool fans what they want. You can enjoy leisure games with friends and family and competitive ones as well. You can practice for competitions too. Just keep in mind that since the table comes with standard 57-inch cues, you will need free room of at least 16.6 and 13.3 feet to set it up and play comfortably.

The features of the pool billiards top of the Fat Cat Phoenix 7-foot 3-in-1 table are quite good. The bed is solid and perfectly even. The rails are sufficiently large to enable good ball bounce and feature sights, which I appreciate quite a lot. The bumpers help greatly for this as well. The cloth is of good quality and enables the balls to roll smoothly. It is easy to clean as well. The cure sticks are sufficiently long and heavy for good game play. The balls are well made. I don’t appreciate the fact that a cleaning brush is not included.

Fat Cat Phoenix Slide Hockey TableThe slide hockey top is inserted into pool table top. It consists of a single flat panel so it is easy to fit in. The slide hockey top has a smooth glossy surface with red marks which resemble those of a hockey rink. This certainly contributes to the fun of the game. I like the fact that there is a manual scorer featured on each side. The pushers and the pucks are very well designed.

Fat Cat Phoenix Table Tennis Table

The table tennis top of the Fat Cat 3-in-1 game table consists of a single flat panel as well. It is inserted into the pool table top. All the accessories for playing this entertaining game are included. They work excellently. The net is easy to set up while the balls have a great bounce. What I do not like is that the table tennis top does not extend to the whole length and width of the pool playfield. That way, the ping pong ball can get into the pockets for the pool balls.


The Fat Cat Phoenix 3-in-1 game table is a lot of fun. You can expect the pool games to be a lot similar to what you enjoy in the local billiards lounge or bar. The balls keep their original direction at all times since the bed is perfectly even. They roll smoothly thanks to the cloth and bounce at great speed from the rail bumpers. You can really feel the cue stick in your hands while the sights allow you to make shots with great precision.

The sliding hockey is quite enjoyable as well. The puck is easy to hit and travels at a fast speed. The game is not as dynamic as air hockey, but you will certainly like it. You will find the table tennis games super entertaining. The equipment is really of top quality so your talent can really shine.

Who Can Use It

This 3-in-1 game table is suitable for all people who want to have fun at home, but have room for only one game table. It is great for families with kids. It is a superb choice for passionate game players as well.


The benefits of the Fat Cat Phoenix 3-in-1 game table are:

  • Functional and solid design – This table is really of top quality.
  • Easy to set up and to use – The assembly is simple and takes a short time. In order to switch to another game, you simply have to insert a top.
  • Comprehensive accessory set – You can start playing your favorite games right after assembling the table.
  • Full size billiards playfield – This is rare in multiple-game tables and this definitely makes it a huge advantage, especially for dedicated pool players like me.
  • Top quality entertainment – You will surely have fun with all 3 games.
  • Complete safety – The table can be used by people of all ages without any risk.
  • Great durability – You can expect to use this table in the long term.


The drawbacks of this multi-game table are:

  • There is no pool table brush included – This is an important accessory which enables you to maintain the cloth so you should definitely purchase it separately.
  • The table tennis balls can get into the pool table holes – This is not a major issue, but it can create some inconvenience for ping pong players.


This review finds that the Fat Cat Phoenix 7-foot 3-in-1 billiard, slide hockey, and table tennis table is an excellent choice. It is fun, reliable, durable and easy to use. I recommend this table to all those looking for top quality home entertainment. You can buy it with confidence.

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