May 31

Billiard Table Reviews: Fat Cat 7-Foot Reno II Billiard Table


Billiard and pool can be easily classified as both sports and entertainment categories in the same game type. There are numerous advantages that shooting pool brings to the picture, from the fact that you can compete against somebody in a fun way to improve your hand-eye coordination. Nonetheless, perhaps the number one reason why people are so attracted to this game comes from the fact that it provides an enjoyable means of relaxing.

If you have always dreamed of having your own billiard table, but never manage to gather the necessary cash to purchase one, then we have some good news for you. Meet the Reno II, a billiard table manufactured by one of the leading brands in the industry, Fat Cat. The very first thing that impresses about this table is its overall price, which is basically half of what you would actually expect to pay for a quality billiard table! However, take note that the low price has nothing to do with the quality of the table, as you are about to find out.

Fat Cat 7-Foot Reno II Billiard Table

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Cool features of Fat Cat 7-Foot Reno II Billiard Table

  • The measurements of the Fat Cat 7-Foot Reno II billiard table are as follows: 89 ½ inches long, 50 ½ inches wide and 31 inches high
  • A quality billiard table incorporating 6 inches solid wood rails
  • White diamond inlays
  • The rails are also cushioned by K66 rubber bumpers (the best on the market)
  • The playing surface of the table is made of one inch one inch MDF Accuslate and it is covered in a wool cloth
  • The Accuslate playing surface is covered by 7 years of warranty
  • The wool cloth covering the playing surface has an elegant burgundy color so it fits perfectly in any game room design
  • The playing surface measures 78 inches on the long side and 39 inches on the short side
  • The table contains fringe drop pockets
  • The legs of the table are made of wood veneer maple
  • The legs are beveled and measure ¾ inch
  • The Reno II is a 7 foot billiard table especially designed for less spacious rooms
  • This Fat Cat billiard table comes with a full set of accessories incorporating two pieces of chalk, triangle, brush, a set of quality billiard balls and two standard 57 inches long cues

Reputation and Ratings

Given the fact that the Fat Cat Accuslate billiard tables are renowned for their high quality, you should not expect less from the Reno II table. Even though it did not receive the maximum rating on all specialized pool tables and accessories websites, it is important to note that the real reason behind this can be linked to the fact that some pool players, who have enjoyed the games for years, are still very reluctant to non-slate playing surface.

Minor Con

There is one minor complaint regarding this table that is worth mentioning: the accessories kit. A few customers claim that the two standard cues that come with the Reno II table are far beyond the quality of the table. However, since this is not a constant complaint, it most likely signifies that the drawback is somewhat linked to the play style of those customers.


As numerous customers pointed out, the maple finish that reveals a two-tone wood veneer is a big plus for the Reno II table. To put it simply, besides its great functionality, the billiard table also impresses as a great piece of furniture. Therefore, if you had plans on renovating your game room and adding a touch of the old school Western style, the Reno II could constitute an exquisite focal point.

Accustate versus Slate

As you probably noticed from the features of the Reno II billiard table, the slate is made of one inch MDF Accustate and not stone, a fact that is still very much disputed among the pool and billiard enthusiasts. If you were to ask old pool players, then you can be certain that they will not recommend anything else but slate. The reason for this is that with slate you can be sure that the playing surface will be even for a very long time and the slate can be reused after the pool table becomes impracticable due to normal wear and tear.

However, it is necessary to mention the fact that non-slate playing surfaces have come a long way since their original introduction. Certain non-slate materials like Accustate are compliant with a standard quality that can easily compete with slate. This is why the Reno II billiard table comes with a 7 years warranty for the playing surface against warps and other problems that can contribute to making it uneven.

Since the quality is similar, then what is the major difference between slate and Accuslate? The real difference between slate and certain non-slate playing surface resides in the price you will pay for the table. Obviously, a pool or billiard table incorporating a natural rock slate can be acquired at a much higher price compared to tables with Accuslate playing surfaces. This is the explanation of why the Reno II billiard table comes at such a low price, even though its quality is comparable with the more expensive high slate pool tables.

A second noteworthy distinction between Accuslate and slate is the overall weight of the table. If you have been reading customer reviews on various pool tables, then you probably noticed that one common complaint is the weight of the table. However, if you were to purchase an Accuslate billiard table, you can move it anywhere you want without too much effort.


In spite of the fact that the Fat Cat Reno II billiard table does not incorporate a slate playing surface, you should know that it includes one of the best alternatives out there for which you get 7 years of warranty. Considering that all parts of the table are made from materials labeled as the high quality standard in the industry, it holds one of the best price per quality ratios currently available on the market. In other words, you can be sure that your money has been well spent!

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