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Billiard Table Reviews: Mizerak P5223W1 Donovon II 8-Foot Slate Billiard Table


Billiards, pool and snooker have been one of the favorite pastimes in Europe and the US for hundreds of years and it is no wonder that they constitute one of the first choices in terms of game room equipment for homeowners around the world.

Cue sports present numerous solo playing and socializing possibilities, because you can always shoot a game of pool after work or during those lazy Sunday afternoons. However, in order to enjoy the maximum entertainment potential of the game, you also need a quality table to play on and those do not really come cheap. Or do they?

Meet the Mizerak P5223W1 Billiard Table, one of the best pool tables that any homeowner with a medium entertainment budget can afford. The Mizerak P5223W1 comes with all the perks and features of an expensive table but without the financial encumber setback. From the first glance, you will notice the futuristic sleek profile that somehow still manages to maintain its elegance and sophistication.

Constructed from laminated MDF, the framework of this Mizerak Billiard Table is considerably lighter compared to solid wood models, but that does not imply it is not equally resilient. Some might argue that wood is always better than laminate when it comes to billiard tables, but studies performed so far have revealed no actual difference in terms of performance, luster or durability.

At the same time, one should consider that laminate is an environmentally safer choice due to the fact that this alternative is not based on irresponsible practices like massive deforestations. And, considering that unlike flooring, constructing billiard tables from renewable “wood” like bamboo is not exactly feasible, laminate materials constitutes the only green substitute. Leaving aside the environmental consideration, let’s analyze the performance and features of the Mizerak Donovon II.

Mizerak P5223W1 Billiard Table

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Cool features of Mizerak P5223W1 Donovon II 8-Foot Slate Billiard Table

  • The design of this 8-Foot billiard table is in tone with the modern décor of contemporary homes
  • The colors utilized (black framework, burgundy felt, silver pockets) blend seamlessly together and create an exquisite and elegant profile
  • Part of the 8 footer families, this biliard table is ideal for rooms with medium and large space (13’8”x17’4” at minimum)
  • Slate bed promotes effective leveling capabilities and firmness of the play surface
  • The felt fabric consists of an incredibly smooth wool blend that permits the balls to roll faster, minimizing friction-related deceleration
  • The dimensions of this Mizerak Slate Billiard Table are 82 inches on the long side, 47 inches on the short side and 9.5 inches in height
  • The assembled weight of the pool table is 715.1 pounds
  • The pedestal legs of the pool table are equipped with durable individual levelers made from chrome that enable you to adjust it seamlessly
  • The Mizerak P5223W1 table also incorporates silver-painted plastic alloy drop pockets and corner caps (also manufactured from chrome)
  • The rails of the table are constructed from laminate and measure 3-5/8 inches
  • The full profile cushions are made from K66 standard rubber, which boosts the consistency of the rebound considerably
  • The table package also comes with a set of 2 cue sticks, a suite of pool balls, the triangle and, of course, plenty of chalk
  • The package consists of the equipment and the 472 components that you will need to assemble in accordance to the specifications of the instruction manual (or contact a professional)
  • The manufacturer’s warranty for the Mizerak Billiard Table spans over 90 days


The speed and the accuracy conferred by the smooth felt as well as the slate top constitute the most appreciated aspects of the Mizerak 8-Foot billiard table, as pointed out by the satisfied customers. In fact, some of them go as far as to state that, from this point of view, you won’t find a superior performance pool table even in the most respectable. In addition to that, the uniformity of the rebounds is excellent, thanks to the K66 rubber utilized in the construction of the cushioning system. In other words, the manufacturer has really outdone themselves with this model that, surprisingly, does not cost you an arm and a leg. Not to mention the fact that the price also includes the vital equipment for the game!


As far as the design of the Mizerak P5223W1 Billiard Table is concerned, it doesn’t score any less than the gameplay performance. Like I mentioned in the intro of this guide, the color combination and the sleek, contemporary design make this table the best addition to a modern-style game room. Therefore, if you were searching for a flashy centerpiece to capture the eye and emphasize your preference for fresh, up to date decors, then look no further.


Now for the not so popular part: the assembly of the table. Well, this may not bother you much if you are a fan of DIY construction/assembly projects and you may even have fun building it piece by piece. You could even involve your children in the project, considering that the comprehensive step by step guide will simplify the assembly.

However, unlike most billiard tables that only require putting together 5-6 major components, the Mizerak P5223W1 Donovan II has 472. Therefore, it may take you a while before the table is ready for use, but the effort is definitely worth it. In addition to that, the thinner sides of the table will not permit you to relocate it while it is fully assembled, which means that you will need to take apart and re-install the pool table whenever you want to move it.

It is also necessary to mention that the vast majority of pool tables require professional assembly, but this Mizerak billiard table model does not. So, whether this is a good thing or a bad thing seems more of a personal preference.


An excellent pool table made from green materials that can deliver an equal performance to the most expensive wood-based models, the elegant Mizerak P5223W1 Donovon II 8-Foot Slate Billiard Table constitutes an inexpensive solution for any cue sports enthusiast who wants to make his game room complete.

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