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Billiard Table Reviews: Minnesota Fats MFT200 Fairfax Billiard Table

You want to enjoy top quality pool entertainment at home so you are looking for the best table available. Could the Minnesota Fats MFT200 Fairfax billiard table be the ideal choice for you? My review will help you find out. As a dedicated player, I require nothing else but the best so I have become somewhat of an expert on tables. I’m constantly giving advice to friends so I decided to use my knowledge and experience to help more people. This is how I started reviewing the current top sellers.

In this Minnesota Fats MFT200 Fairfax billiard table review, I will evaluate the features and performance of this pool table in detail. I will outline my findings in a list of pros and cons. I will discuss who the table is suitable for as well. My objective conclusion will certainly help you make up your mind.

Product Description

The Minnesota Fats MFT200 Fairfax billiard table measures 80 by 31 by 44 inches. It weighs 154 pounds. Its playfield measures 72 by 36 inches. It is equipped with a 0.75-inch core bed which is made from hard-pressed wood. It has wood laminate construction in light cherry color. The table features pedestal legs. It comes with 2.5-inch levelers which have copper finish. Other major features include 4.5-inch rail with sights, cloth in burgundy color, metallic corner caps and ball return system.

Minnesota Fats MFT200 Fairfax Billiard Table

Click for Full Product InfoFeatures of the Minnesota Fats MFT200 Fairfax Billiard Table

The size of the Minnesota Fats pool table is the first feature which I will discuss. Its dimensions are close to those of a standard 7-foot billiard table. This means that you have to have sufficient space to fit it in. It is best if you calculate the amount of space which you will require based on the length of the cues which you will use. If you plan to use standard 57-inch cues, you will need free room with dimensions of around 13 by 16.2 feet.

The playfield of this Minnesota Fats pool table is also close to that of a standard 7-foot model. It measures 72 by 36 inches compared to 78 by 39 inches. This means that you will get game play which is pretty close to the real thing. At the same time, the Minnesota Fats MFT200 Fairfax is more compact not only thanks to its size but thanks to its construction as well. This makes it easier to fit in smaller or more crowded rooms.

This billiard table is made from wood laminate. It is not solid wood, so the structure is lighter. At the same time, laminate is quite strong and durable while requiring less maintenance. It is the best lower-cost alternative to hardwood, at least in my opinion. You can expect the table to remain in good condition for years to come without any special care.

The pedestal legs of this Minnesota Fats billiard table allow for good contact with the floor and for good stability thanks to their design and construction. The levelers are fairly solid. They are made from copper which is generally a strong material. It is resistant to rusting and this is also a major benefit. The levelers are 2.5 inches high so you will get plenty of room for adjustment. You can be certain that you will level the table perfectly.

The core of this billiard table which determines how the balls roll is made from hard-pressed wood. This is a cheaper alternative to the classic slate material, but it is quite good. The play surface is perfectly even and the balls roll without any challenges. I would prefer a slightly thicker core for better precision, perhaps about 1 inch thick, but the thickness of 0.75 inches is quite good.

The rails of Minnesota Fats MFT200 Fairfax billiard table are 4.5 inches long and this makes them comparable to those on standard billiard tables. This enables them to give the balls a great bounce. The sights on the rails are among my favorite features. You can really practice on this table.

The cloth is made from professional-grade fabric so it allows for the smooth movement of the balls while being easy to clean. I am not a fan of burgundy as a color in general, but I have to say that it matches the style and design of this table perfectly. The metallic corner caps contribute greatly to durability and to game play as a whole. The ball return system is a standard, but super convenient feature to have.


The Minnesota Fats MFT200 Fairfax billiard table is a great performer in every respect. The balls travel at a nearly perfect speed. The core does not change their movement in any way. They bounce from the rails super fast. The felt allows for super smooth movement. The sights on the rails enable you to make more precise shots. The ball return system is perfectly reliable.

The billiard table requires assembly, but it is not as difficult as most people would imagine. One of the things which I really like about this table is that it can be used for playing other games as well. You can get an optional special top for playing table tennis. When this top is installed, the billiard table can be used for dining as well.

Who Can Use It?

This billiard table is suitable for casual players. It is also a good choice for more serious players who would like to practice at home, but have limited space available. It can be used by people of different ages and of different skill levels for maximum satisfaction.


The positive sides of Minnesota Fats MFT200 Fairfax Billiard Table are:

  • Great design – This billiard table has excellent features designed to give you maximum satisfaction from plying pool.
  • Fairly compact – It can easily fit into a smaller room.
  • Superb game play – You will really have a lot of fun with this table.
  • Easy to set up and to maintain – These are superb benefits for busy people.
  • Strength and durability – This table will remain in excellent condition for years to come.
  • Versatility – You can add a specially designed top to play table tennis.


The negative things about the model are:

  • There are no accessories included in the package – You will have to buy cues, balls and other items separately.
  • The ball return system is prone to damage in case of blockage – The risk is not high, but you should be careful not to block it.


This review concludes that the Minnesota Fats MFT200 Fairfax billiard table is a great budget option for those who want to play pool at home. It is strong and reliable. It is an excellent performer. You can readily consider investing in it.

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