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Billiard Table Reviews: Groovystuff Timber Lodge Billiard Table


In case you are thinking about redesigning your vacation home in classical old western style or your lodge is in need of a new gimmick to attract tourists, then the Timber Lodge Billiard table by Groovystuff is exactly what you need. This antique looking pool table constitutes an excellent addition to any gaming room with a vintage appearance, but at the same time it can provide a solid contrast with modern appliances.

Leaving the looks aside, it is necessary to point out that only the exterior of the Timber Lodge pool table is old-fashioned. The construction and the materials utilized in designing it respect the highest modern standards of quality. In addition to that, the table comes equipped with all the accessories mandatory for a 2 vs. 2 or 4 vs. 4 pool game.

Perhaps a less known fact about this popular billiard table consists in the provenience of the main construction material: reclaimed teak wood. The reason why this aspect presents a significant importance is in fact twofold. First of all, you are doing your part in saving the environment by purchasing an appliance made from a renewable wood source instead of condoning irresponsible deforestation.

Secondly, the sources of the recycled wood utilized are in fact old western wagon hubs, which confers this antique looking pool table a plus of authenticity. With respect to the second reason, lodge owners can really market on this feature because there will always be tourists interested in spending their vacation days in settings that closely resemble the Wild West.

Nevertheless, adding this pool table to your game room can also constitute a great icebreaker and conversation starter whenever you have guests. Let’s evaluate the primary features of the Groovystuff Timber Lodge Billiard Table.

Groovystuff Timber Lodge Billiard Table

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Cool Features of Groovystuff Timber Lodge Billiard Table

  • The Groovystuff timber lodge billiard table has not been painted and its main hue consists in the natural shade of the teak wood grain
  • The smooth felt of the billiard table is a dark burgundy, similar to the shades of the wood for a plus in consistency
  • Excellent looking and performing pockets with a metal-allure
  • The dimensions of the pool table are 32 inches in height, 100 inches on the long side and 56 inches on the short side (genuine 10 x 5, which are difficult to find nowadays)
  • The total weight of the assembled pool table is 1165 pounds
  • High quality cushions and railings that ensure a precision ricochet of the ball
  • This table can be utilized outdoors and indoors, although protecting it with the cover provided in the package is recommended for outdoor installations
  • The legs as well as the frame have been handcrafted and include an impressively intricate and detailed decorations that are extremely infrequent in pool tables nowadays
  • The packages includes 2-4 cues (depending on the preference of the customer) as well as a cue rack
  • Pool balls, the triangular rack and the chalk also come with this billiard table
  • The impressive durability and resilience to fading from sunlight or harsh environmental conditions recommend this table for secluded mountain resorts
  • Upon receiving the package, the customer will have to assemble to components before using the table (hiring a specialized contractor is recommended in the absence of extensive mechanical skills)
  • Regular maintenance of the wooden structure guarantees an extensive lifespan of the table
  • This appliance has a great value against price ratio

Style and Value

You may have figured out by now that this isn’t the average cheap pool table that you can find in bars, but rather a unique model that can look great and perform even better over many years. In fact, it can even be regarded as a collector’s item and you can expect its value to increase with time. Rather than employing that boring painted and lacquered black wood as well as the standard synthetic cloth, the manufacturer takes things much further with the Timber Lodge Billiard Table, bringing customers an exclusive and genuine piece of the old west. This is why, as reviewers point out, you can’t qualify the product as cheap, but rather as an excellent bargain for the numerous benefits that it has to offer.


If you know a thing or two about pool tables, then you are probably familiar with the fact that the 10 foot by 5 foot models are quite scarce nowadays, mainly because most manufacturers ceased mass production at the beginning of the 20th century. Therefore, the unique dimensions of this table constitute one of the features that make it so special, in addition to the elegant vintage looks. On a side note, the Timber Lodge model is not mass produced either and, as you could read earlier, the frame and the legs are handcrafted by skilled woodworkers.


Now, I did mention that the resilience of the table is one of its most important characteristics and the primary reasons why you can choose to install it outdoors, but a regular maintenance is still necessary. First of all, make sure that the coating of the legs and frame is intact and regularly reapply it in order to prevent moisture from seeping in the texture. The pockets of the table should also be treated with the proper conditioner and the dirt/debris accumulations have to be vacuumed regularly. When you are playing, keep the covers on to ensure that the sunlight exposure doesn’t fade the wood and the felt as well as to prevent dust from settling on it.


Pool just doesn’t feel the same on a boring, conventional looking table and the perfect solution for maximizing the fun of this game is to acquire an elegant Timber Lodge Billiard Table. Great for the rustic environment of a mountain lodge or a vintage game room, this device is among the few models that can really become the highlight of a room. Sturdy and designed from recycled teak wood, left unpainted in order to display the beauty of the grain and covered with a matching burgundy felt, the Timber Lodge table is definitely an investment you won’t grow to regret!

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