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Billiard Table Reviews: Fat Cat Tucson MMXI Billiard Table

If you love playing pool, you will benefit greatly from installing a pool table in your home. You can play whenever you want and have lots of fun with your family and friends. The question is how to choose the right piece of equipment. I personally go over the product reviews of all models which I consider. This inspired me to review some of the most popular tables at present. Here is my review of the Fat Cat Tucson MMXI billiard table.

In this Fat Cat Tucson MMXI billiard table review, I will evaluate its features and its capabilities as far as the making of shots and the movement of the balls are concerned. I will answer the question of who this product is suitable for as well. I will summarize my findings in a list of pros and cons which you can use for comparison purposes as well as for making a final decision. I will start the review with a description of the product.

Fat Cat Tucson MMXI Billiard Table

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Fat Cat Tucson MMXI is a 7-foot billiard table. Its precise dimensions are 86 by 48 by 31.25 inches. It has 18mm MDF play surface, rubber bumpers and polyester cloth in blue. It features drop pockets and a ball retrieval system. It has a pool hall design with large legs and rubber feet. The table comes with two cue sticks, a complete set of balls, triangle ball frame and two pieces of chalk.


The size of the Fat Cat billiards table is standard. The 7-foot length falls within the standards set by the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) for professional-grade tables. The height of the model is standard as well even though it is just a bit higher (0.25 inches higher) than the 31-inch standard set by WPA. When it comes to fitting the item in a particular room, you should consider the length of the cues which you will use as well as the table’s dimension. If you use the shortest possible cues of 42 inches, you will require free space which measures at least 10.9 by 14 feet. If you use the longest ones with length of 57 inches, you will require room 13 by 16 feet at least.

The play surface of this table is not among the deepest, but it does a good job as far as the movement of the balls is concerned. The MDF (medium-density fiberboard) material is solid and durable enough. It forms a well leveled surface. Its properties are comparable to those of slate, which is used for the making of professional tables.

The rubber bumpers of this billiard table provide for a fast rebound of the balls. They contribute to the excitement of the game by making it more challenging and fun as well. The polyester cloth is a standard feature of tables for recreational use. It allows for the smooth and swift movement of the balls. It is quite durable as well. It is resistant to the harmful impact of all kinds of ambient factors including the ultraviolet light of the sun. You can expect it to retain its structure and properties for years to come.

Fat Cat Billiard TableThe drop pockets of the table are excellently designed. They do their job well and have great durability. The ball retrieval system is an excellent performer as well. You simply need to press a button and you will get the ball which you require.

This Fat Cat Tucson MMXI billiard table has a modern sleek design. It is inspired by the pool halls that all passionate players like me visit quite frequently. I love this design and I think that it will fit perfectly into any game room. It will match any modern decor so you can confidently put the table in your living room if you have enough space.

Instead of having four separate legs, this table has two large ones on each side. They are almost as wide as the table itself so they offer perfect stability. The rubber feet of the model ensure that it will stay in its place no matter how hot it gets around the table. They stick perfectly to all surfaces including carpeted ones.

The accessories included in the package are of great quality. They do their job well. They are durable so you can expect to use them for years to come.


The Fat Cat Tucson MMXI does an excellent job in providing a properly leveled and perfectly smooth surface for the movement of the balls. It offers great ball rebound thanks to the rubber cushions and solid rails. It allows for well measured and perfectly accurate shots.

Who Can Use It

This Fat Cat 7-foot billiard table is suitable for all recreational players irrespective of their age, height and skill. It is especially designed for home use. It has standard dimensions so it should fit easily into a game room or a larger living room.


The benefits of the Fat Cat Tucson MMXI billiard table are:

  • Great game play – The dimensions, design and features work to give you super fun games.
  • Perfect stability – The table will be stable on any surface.
  • Ease of use – The ball retrieval system reduces the time between shots.
  • Durability – The pool table has solid construction. It is highly resistant to impact and damage.
  • Cool design – You will love the way in which the table looks in your home.
  • All accessories included – You can enjoy a game right after the assembly of the table.


The drawbacks of the model are:

  • Somewhat challenging assembly – This is due to the weight of the unit primarily (it is 214 pounds), but your effort will pay off.
  • It requires some leveling – You will need to devote some time and effort to leveling the table so that the play surface is not at an angle.


I can conclude that the Fat Cat Tucson MMXI Billiard Table is a product which offers great value for money. It has all the features and capabilities which a recreational player requires to have fun. It is durable and perfectly reliable. You will enjoy many memorable games with it.

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