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Multi Game Table Reviews: Atomic 2 in 1 Flip Table

You can really give your whole family great entertainment with a multi game table. The challenging part is to make the right choice among the different models sold in the market. I have been in the same situation as you, but now I have become somewhat of an expert in these pieces of gaming equipment and I get asked to recommend products quite often. This is how I decided to help all buyers with making the right choice by reviewing the current best sellers. Here is my review of the Atomic 2 in 1 flip table.

You can be certain that my Atomic 2 in 1 flip table review will be objective and detailed as well. I will evaluate all features and capabilities of the model and summarize its pros and cons. I will discuss its suitability as well. My conclusion will help you make a final decision.
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Product Description

The Atomic 2 in 1 game table measures 90.5 by 44 by 32 inches and weighs 330 pounds. It has a flipping top part with two integrated games and a new locking mechanism. One side is designed for air hockey and the other one is for billiards. The air hokey playfield measures 76.5 by 38 inches and has laminate surface. There is an integrated 110V motor and electronic scoring system. 2 pushers and 2 pucks are included in the package.

The billiard side of the table features rail measuring 4.5 inches in length, green cloth and plastic pockets. A set of 15 balls plus a cue ball and 2 cue sticks are included in the package.

Features of the Atomic 2 in 1 Flip Table

The design of the Atomic 2 in 1 game table is solid and sturdy. The legs are big and perfectly reliable. They come with pads for perfect traction with the floor. You can expect the table to be perfectly stable no matter what your flooring is. The table is made from composite wood. This material has great durability.

The multi game table is quite big and heavy. At the same time, the top part turns with ease. You do not have to use much effort. It is locked securely in place. The corner locks are totally dependable. They are quite strong and resistant to breaking. This is important for the long-term use of the table.

The size of the air hockey playfield is naturally smaller compared to what standard tables for this game have to offer. Still, the field is sufficiently large for fun game play. This is among the biggest playfields that you will get with a combo table. The motor produces powerful airflow so the pucks slide really fast on the play surface. Generally, the motor works reliably without overheating and without producing loud noises. The play surface is super smooth and slippery. The pushers work extremely well. The scoring system is electronic so you can really focus on the game instead of counting the points manually.

The billiards playfield of the Atomic game table is comparable to what mini tables have to offer, even though the overall size of the item is larger. The bed is solid and even. There should not be any deviations to the direction of the balls. The cloth is perfectly smooth so you can expect the balls to roll perfectly. With its length of 4.5 inches, the rail is sufficiently large to allow for a good bounce of the balls. What I do not like is that there are no sights for precision strikes, but casual players will not find this to be a problem at all. The cue sticks included in the package are quite good and allow for entertaining game play. The balls are of good quality as well.

Atomic Air Hockey Table


The Atomic 2 in 1 flip table is a great piece of gaming equipment. You will really have a great time playing air hockey. You will enjoy the speed and the dynamics of the game. The playfield is large enough to allow four players to play against each other in teams of two. The puck is highly unlikely to shoot out of the field.

The billiards table top has excellent capabilities as well. The balls roll smoothly and without any changes in their course. They bounce at great speed for maximum game satisfaction. The cues are solid enough to enable precise and powerful strikes.

The multi game table is simple to set up and to use. All panels come ready for assembly with drilled holes and all. The bolts come in separate bags so you cannot really get things wrong. The assembly instructions are clear and consistent. The different parts do not require effort to put together.

Who Can Use It

The Atomic 2 in 1 game table is a great choice for all game lovers who have limited space at home, but want to enjoy versatility when it comes to game play. The table can easily fit into a game room, living room or a bigger office or dorm room. It is suitable for people of all ages and especially for kids who can play for hours.


The good sides of the Atomic 2 in 1 flip table are:

  • Superb design – The multi game table is solid while the flip and locking functions work perfectly.
  • Super easy to use – The assembly is simple and fast while flipping the top and securing it in place is a breeze.
  • Great accessory set – You will get all of the main accessories necessary for game play. All accessories are of good quality.
  • Endless hours of fun – You can play any of the two games when you want and for as long as you want without leaving your house.
  • Complete safety – The Atomic game table is safe to flip while the games are safe to play.
  • Great durability – You can expect this table to remain in excellent condition for years to come.


The not so good sides of the model are:

  • Cleaning brush for the pool table has to be purchased separately – This is a minor issue, but the accessory is essential for good maintenance.
  • The table is quite heavy so you will need a helper or two when putting it together – Generally, this is the case with most tables of this type.


Overall, this review finds the Atomic 2 in 1 flip table to be a great choice. It gives you two super fun games. It is functional and simple to use. You will benefit a lot from it. You can purchase it with confidence.

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