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Hello and welcome to my website,

I am glad that you found it and that you have got one step closer to getting the right game table for home entertainment. I am an experienced and very passionate player who has built strong expertise in these pieces of gaming equipment over the years. Friends and colleagues of mine often ask me for buying advice so I decided I could help not only them, but all those who are excited about playing fun games at home. This is how I decided to put together this website with reviews of pool tables, foosball tables, multi game tables, air hockey tables and many others.

I have loved playing billiards, air hockey and similar exciting table games since I was 8. This is when my dad gave me a multi game table as a Christmas gift. I could play pool and air hockey with my family and this was so new and exciting for me. I was not very good in the beginning, especially in playing pool, but I watched videos of the best players like Willie Mosconi and I practiced quite a lot. I got better with time. I even participated in several local pool tournaments and won first place twice. No I play pool and other games with my kids at home and I am happy that I have continued the family tradition.

I have used many game tables over the years and I have learned how to recognize quality. With every passing year, the range of gaming equipment in the market grows and it is becoming more challenging for buyers to make the right choice. I get asked to provide recommendations quite a lot so I really understand how confusing and difficult shopping can be for the average buyer. This is what inspired me to write pool table reviews, multi game table reviews and other reviews and to post them on the web.

There is one clear point which I would like to make about my game table reviews. They are genuine, honest and thorough. I am not affiliated to any of the manufacturers in any way. My only goal is to help other people and families have fun at home just like my family and I do. In my reviews on pool tables, foosball tables, multi game tables, air hockey tables, you will get a complete idea about the features and capabilities of each model and how good they actually are. You will find plenty of useful information on all important aspects such as overall quality, durability and the quality of the game play.

You will find virtually all of the current top selling game tables reviewed on this site. I keep it up to date so that I can help buyers as much as possible. For this, I have written guides and useful articles with plenty of practical information and advice. You will learn how to take perfect care of your pool table plus a lot of other helpful things. No matter whether you are a shopper or a current user, you will benefit greatly from this website.

I am sure that now you can use this website with complete confidence. Check out my reviews of pool tables, foosball tables, multi game tables, air hockey tables and other tables. Read my guides and articles.


Louis Paterson

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